What does it feel like wearing sex underwear love love


As a special underwear that can increase sexual life and stimulate sensory, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in recent years.Love underwear for love is very exciting and interesting for many people.So what special feelings do we wear love underwear?Let me analyze them one by one.

Improve self-confidence

Wearing sexy sexy underwear makes you unique.It can emphasize your advantages, hide your shortcomings, and make your body lines more beautiful.In the process of enjoying a good time with your partner, you will feel more confident, which will make love and love more pleasant.

Strengthen intimacy

Wearing sex underwear to sexuality will increase the intimacy between you and your partner.Interest underwear is a very delicate way that can enhance the feelings between the two people, and to some extent establish a deeper emotional connection.In addition, wearing a sexy underwear is a very private behavior, which will make your interaction closer.

Explore new areas

Every day is the sex life of boiled water, which is likely to make people feel boring.However, wearing a sexy underwear will open a new experience.In the process of wearing a sexy underwear, you and your partner have the opportunity to try some new things and try some stimuli you have never tried before.

Increase the sense of excitement

Wearing sex underwear is a very irritating behavior, which will change your sex experience.Sex underwear can activate your imagination and bring you an unusual feeling.For people with low irritation, wearing erotic underwear can increase sexual irritation.

Strong visual experience

The aesthetic value of sexy underwear is very high, and it can bring a strong visual experience.Women who wear sexy underwear can attract men’s attention through the exposed part, and men who wear sexy underwear can also inspire women’s sexual desire through different colors and styles.

Improve physiological reactions

Wearing sex underwear can stimulate the body’s sexual response.In the case of physical and mental joy, the body will be more likely to reach orgasm, which will make you and your partner get higher satisfaction in sex.

Increase the opportunity to enrich the sex experience

Wearing erotic underwear can increase the fun of your sex experience.There are many types and styles of sexy underwear, which allows you to try multiple different styles.You only need to choose one that suits you with your heart, and it will bring you a variety of sex experience.

Strengthen the relationship between partners

Wearing sexy underwear at appropriate time can enhance the interaction and relationship between partners.Interest underwear can keep the two closely interact. This interaction and cooperation is an important element of sexual life, which can make your relationship with your partner closer.

Feel more comfortable

Wearing erotic underwear is not just to increase irritation in sexual life.In fact, the material of some sexy underwear is very comfortable and can make you feel very comfortable in sex.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose the comfortable style of the material as much as possible.


In general, sexual underwear is a very special experience.In addition to the sense of stimulation, wearing sexy underwear can also strengthen the intimacy between partners, increase colorful sex experience, enhance self -confidence, and so on.If you haven’t tried it yet, then come and choose a sexy underwear that suits you and start a stimulating wonderful sex journey!

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