What device do you need to do sex underwear


As a sexy underwear expert, you must be very familiar with the equipment needed for production sex underwear.However, for novices, they may not know what equipment required for sex underwear production. Let’s take a look at it together.

Sewing machine

Sewing machines are essential equipment for making sexy underwear.Generally, sewing of sexy underwear requires some special sewing skills and actions, such as Z -character seams, elastic seams, stretch seams, and so on.Therefore, choosing a sewing machine suitable for sexy underwear is very important.


The tailoring machine is an essential equipment for making sexy underwear.The tailoring of sexy underwear requires special design, which can quickly cut out various shapes and sizes of fabrics.Using high -quality tailoring machines can ensure tailoring speed and effect.

Gel machine

The glue machine is a device that must be used when making sexy underwear.Use the glue covering machine to strengthen and maintain the suture, seams and patches.

Printing machine and heat transfer machine

Printing machines and heat transfer machines can help make some sexy underwear with images and information. It has high demand in the market of sexy underwear, suitable for the production of some brand sexy underwear.

3D printer

As the application of 3D printing technology is becoming more and more widely used, 3D printers have been widely used in many countries as a production of sexy underwear.Can help producers make complex shapes and details of sexy underwear.

Gold plating machine and silver foil machine

The gold -plated machine and silver foil machine are decorative equipment in the production of sexy underwear. It can decorate gold and silver foil on sexy underwear to make the product more apple.

Drifting machine

The drift machine is a very important device in the process of production of sexy underwear.Interest underwear needs to be rinsed after production to make it softer and comfortable.

Pneumatic machine

The use of pneumatic styles can process the fabric into complex shapes and design, such as the design that fits with the figure, while reducing the difficulty of the decision of the version design.

in conclusion

These devices can help manufacturers make high -quality, complex and attractive sexy underwear, but they also need professional skills and experience to make them effective.Correct choice and use of equipment are crucial, which can improve the quality and efficiency of manufacturing, thereby gaining advantages in the fierce competition market.

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