What color sexy underwear like Sagittarius men like

Features of Sagittarius men

Sagittarius is the most lively and cheerful among the twelve constellations, like freedom and adventure.They are naive, optimistic, and like to try new things. They are soul characters of life parties. They do not like to be restrained and restrained, pursue freedom and unrestrained life.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the color will also be affected by their personality.

Sagittarians like fresh and bright colors

Fresh and bright colors can meet the personality needs of Sagittarius men.Bright colors such as yellow, orange, purple, etc. can give people a visual impact, which is in line with the characteristics of the shooter’s movement, adventure, and love.

Like minimalist sexy underwear

Sagittarius man likes simple, non -publicity, and does not occupy the dominant atmosphere, as well as sexy lingerie.Clean, tidy, and elegant underwear not only doubles the fun, but also in line with the eclectic and free personality style of Sagittarius men.

Sagittarius men prefer sports style sexy underwear

The sport -style sexy lingerie color is fresh and bright, the fabric is comfortable, and the design is simple. It is the best choice for shooter men.They will tend to be simpler and trendy design, avoiding too much fancy decoration and complex lines.

Sagittarius man likes wild sexy sexy underwear

Wild sexy sexy underwear shape and color are very personal.Sagittarius men prefer some sexy underwear with wild feelings and can show their wild and unruly.Such as black, purple, dark red and other colors.

Sagittarius men pay more attention to texture and comfort

When the Sagittarius man picks the sex underwear, he will mind whether the material is comfortable and whether there is an allergic reaction, because they pay more attention to texture and details.Generally speaking, Sagittarius men choose to be cotton and silk -based underwear, which is comfortable and sexy.

Sagittarius male prefers natural color sexy underwear

Natural color erotic underwear is an indispensable choice for Sagittarius men.The natural color of the underwear has basic colors, with a little gorgeousness, but it is more calm, which is in line with Sagittarius men’s love for simple and natural, such as khaki, dark gray, light blue, etc.

Sagittarius man likes classic sexy lingerie styles

Sagittarius men do not chase trends and fashion things. They like classical styles and designs, such as sexy sleeveless, shoulder straps, low -cut, split, etc.They are not good at complex and fancy shapes, and they are prone to boredom.

Flower pattern’s sexy underwear is also a big choice for Sagittarius men

The flower pattern of flowers gives people a harmonious aesthetic and sunny feeling. This feeling is in line with the character of the shooter.This kind of sexy lingerie is comfortable and good in texture, which can satisfy the easy and free life concept that Sagittarius men like.

Sagittarius man likes to highlight personality sexy underwear

The Sagittarius man’s personality is very distinctive. In order to highlight his unique temperament, they like to choose some personalized sexy underwear.For example, there are unique elements that you like, different designs, or special materials.


Sagittarius man is a constellation full of freedom, exploration, and wild and unruly. When choosing sexy underwear, they will also consider these factors.Generally speaking, they like fresh and bright colors, pursuit of comfort, preference for simple and classic and outstanding personality.

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