What color of sexy underwear like men like

What color of sexy underwear like men like

As an important promoter in the life of husband and wife, sexy underwear can not only increase the taste of life, but also increase emotional communication while moving the sexual desire.When choosing a sexy underwear, color is a factor that cannot be ignored.So, what color of sexy underwear do men like?From the perspective of men, we will discuss the popularity and reasons of 8 different colors of sexy underwear.

Black color sexy underwear

Black -colored underwear is the most favorite color of men.The black sexy and mysterious sense makes it difficult for men to resist.Different from the innocent lady style of white and fleshy underwear, the sexy temptation style of red and purple underwear, black underwear also conveys the atmosphere of mature and mature women, full of temptation and mystery.choose.

Red color sexy underwear

Red symbolizes enthusiasm and desire, symbolizing victory and success, it is a very moving color, so it is very popular with men.Red color sex lingerie reminds the other party’s own lust that is heating up, and women with red underwear are more likely to stimulate men’s desire.However, it should be noted that the overgrown and dazzling red underwear needs to be cautious.

Meat pornography

Meat -colored underwear is a color that women and men are more acceptable. Its natural skin -like texture makes people feel a warm and intimacy. Women’s meat -colored underwear can visually show sexy and beautiful.The atmosphere.Although meat -colored underwear is more attractive than other color underwear, it is still a very practical choice.

Purple Sexy Plate

In foreign countries, purple symbolizes nobles and mystery, and is usually considered to be the color of women’s nature, elegance and depth.Therefore, purple underwear can convey women’s noble and elegant Temperament.Coupled with the dark -tone gray and light pink, it makes purple pornographic underwear more mysterious.Therefore, purple underwear can be said to be a sexy and elegant cross point, which is loved by men.

White sex shell

White represents innocence and freshness. It is a kind of best color to show women present innocence and innocence.In summer, white sexy underwear can better show the beauty of the body and skin, making the other half feel spiritual comfort and pleasure.Choosing white sex underwear can not only convey innocence and freshness, but also reflect the temperament and intoxication of women.

Pink sexy underwear

Pink sexy underwear is mainly suitable for young women.Men will not have too much enthusiasm for pink underwear, but the cute and romantic mixing is difficult for men to resist.In daily life, wearing a little pink pornographic underwear can strengthen the cute and romantic atmosphere, making the other half more exciting.

Yellow sexy sheet

Yellow is the representative of sunlight and vitality, which can make people feel warm and cheerful.Choosing yellow sexy underwear can better convey a self -confidence and cheerful temperament.The yellow underwear gives a sense of pleasure. With a sunny feeling, men will like it.

Blue sexy underwear

Blue sex underwear conveys deep wisdom and connotation. It represents mature and calm power, which can relax, balance and stabilize emotions.Blue sex lingerie can make women show the charm of confidence and maturity, and make men feel quiet and blessed.

All in all, different colors of sexy underwear will convey different emotions, and men are more inclined to illusory, sexy and mysterious tones.The most important thing is that when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to comfort and match with the other half to enjoy your fashion and fragrant journey.

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