What are Ji Island Zhu Nai wearing a sexy underwear?

What are Ji Island Zhu Nai wearing sexy underwear?

1. Open file

The opening type is a very teasing sexy underwear, usually with small holes or cutting small seams in key parts.This underwear is suitable for women with adventure spirit and sexy style.Ji Island Zhu Nai can be paired with lace and mesh to create a more sexy atmosphere.

2. Sling

The suspender -style sexy underwear has a slender shoulder strap, which can highlight the beautiful figure of women and emphasize the chest lines.This sexy underwear helps women create a sexy image, making Ji Shima Zhu Nai ease between sexy and beautiful.

3. Stockings suit

Stockings suits are a very popular sexy underwear, usually including stockings and supporting sexy underwear.This underwear makes women more sexy, and can extend the figure visually and make the shape more perfect.Ji Island Zhu Nai can choose some good styles with lace and silk when choosing a stockings suit.

4. Virgin

Virgin is a very popular sexy underwear, usually a tight skirt suit with headwear and stockings.This underwear is dressed as a maid, making women more attractive and cute.Ji Shima Zhu Nai can be matched with some retro and cute maids, which impressed people.

5. Spiming skirt

The split skirt is a risky sexy underwear. The split of the skirt can show the sexy legs of women, creating a very teasing effect.Ji Island Zhu Nai can choose some split skirt -style sexy underwear with multi -layer lace and fluff, making his image more charming.

6. Three points

The three -point type is a relatively thin sexy underwear. It is usually composed of two pieces of cloth covering the chest and a cloth covering the lower body. With stockings, it can highlight the body curve of women.This underwear has high requirements on the figure, but it is suitable for those who have the perfect figure, Ji Shima Zhu Nai.

7. Shoulder style

The shoulder type is a sexy underwear with only one shoulder strap and a bra.This style can show women’s sexy back and long legs, and can shape an elegant and sexy image.Ji Island Zhu Nai can try some white and light pink shoulder -style sexy underwear to make him look more noble and elegant.

8. Open chest

Open chest is a teasing sexy underwear, which can expose women’s chest, which is memorable.This underwear always exudes a sexy and seductive atmosphere, which is very suitable for those who want to evoke the prosperity of men.

9. Caliar Sock Set

Licrene conjoined socks set is a sexy underwear full of feminine characteristics. It can be worn on the body as a substitute for naked underwear. At the same time, the design of the socks is also very unique.This underwear is suitable for those women who love beautiful, Ji Dao Zhu Nai can try some styles with beaded quality or zipper design to show their unique taste.

10. Tail tail set

The tail set is a very interesting sexy underwear, which usually includes tails, headwear and sexy underwear.This underwear design is unique, suitable for women who want to bring sexy temperament to the extreme.Ji Shima Zhu Nai can show his own personality and aesthetics, choose some excellent tail sets to create a different style.


Different styles of sexy underwear have different charm. Ji Shima Zhu Nai can choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to his personality, body and preference.Interest underwear can not only improve women’s confidence and charm, but also increase the interest and interaction between husband and wife.Because Ji Island Zhu Nai knows that for women, the most important thing is to show his unique charm and personality, making himself more confident and full of charm.

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