WeChat can sell sexy underwear

WeChat can sell sexy underwear

As one of China’s most popular social applications, WeChat has become a huge e -commerce platform in the past few years.In addition to general products, many merchants have also started selling various sexual products on WeChat, including sexy lingerie, which has also caused a lot of controversy.But in fact, WeChat can sell sexy underwear legally, as long as the corresponding conditions are met.


In China, sex products have always been a more sensitive field.Although the Supreme People’s Court clearly stated in 2015 that sex products are legal, in actual operation, many e -commerce platforms still adopt a conservative attitude towards sex products.However, with the rapid development of online payment and express delivery services, more and more sexual products e -commerce has begun to turn to WeChat, a large social application.

The difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear:

Interests of underwear are designed to increase sexual love. Their style is similar to ordinary underwear, but the design is more sexy and teasing.Sex underwear can choose different materials, styles and colors according to individual needs.Generally, sexy underwear is more expensive, because the cost of making materials is high, and the quality and performance are more guaranteed.Compared with ordinary underwear, the purpose of sexy underwear is more obvious, which is to increase the fun and excitement of sex.

Legal conditions for WeChat selling sexy underwear:

WeChat, as a social media platform, is also an e -commerce platform.Therefore, the primary condition for WeChat sales of sexy underwear is in line with my country’s laws and regulations.Regular sexy underwear merchants must have a legal business license, the health license certificate of the Food and Drug Administration, and need to better grasp the sales of WeChat and ensure the safety of the product.

WeChat as the advantage of the sales platform

WeChat is not only a social platform, it can also be used as a powerful e -commerce platform.The number of WeChat users is huge. Social media itself is an advertising publisher, and many WeChat platforms have established a brand image on WeChat, and created some well -known business cases.Therefore, sexy underwear merchants can distribute their products through WeChat, increase the popularity of the product, and attract more consumers.

WeChat marketing strategy

Although there are many controversy in the sexual product industry, this does not mean that the sex underwear industry cannot be sold through WeChat.In fact, sexy underwear sellers can use various marketing strategies to sell their products.Marketing strategies include distribution awards, festival promotion, group purchase and prize activities.

WeChat indirect sales space

As a social platform, WeChat is not suitable to sell sexy underwear to the public.Because sex products are a sensitive product, direct suppliers can even provide users with multiple choices and methods in WeChat to look at their business.For example, by distributing specific, reliable and secure information to WeChat users, related merchants can provide users with more product sales information and related marketing strategies in the comment area.

Suggestion of sex underwear

There are many reasons for people to buy sex products, not just because they can increase sexual love.This requires that sexy underwear merchants must carefully consider their positioning and timely understand the needs of customers.For novices, it is very important to have a certain understanding of quality and design.

Quotation of sex underwear

Like other underwear, the price of sexy underwear is different.Factors such as quality, materials and brands can affect the price level of sexy underwear.For rich people, the price of expensive sex underwear does not need to care too much.For ordinary consumers, the appropriate price is one of the important factors.

Future Outlook

With the continuous development of the sex products market, sexy underwear will become a popular culture.Use WeChat to sell sexy underwear will stimulate the outbreak of the entire market, so that users can experience the rare style and fun in the past in a relaxed environment.Therefore, if all laws and moral regulations are observed, WeChat sales of sexy underwear have potential. At present, it seems that it has been successfully recognized and accepted in the market.

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