Wearing sexy underwear movements

Wearing sexy underwear movements

In recent years, fun underwear, as an emerging fashion element, has become more and more popular with young people.Wearing erotic underwear is a very private but sexy behavior. Let’s take a look at what actions you need to pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear.

1. Walking treatment

When wearing a sexy underwear, try to maintain an elegant and natural attitude to avoid excessive footsteps or too small.Moreover, remember to keep your belly with your chest and make yourself look more confident and sexy.

2. Siter

When you sit down, try to keep your waist straight and the front of your chest, so that people will look more sexy and attractive.At the same time, pay attention to keeping your legs cross or closer together to avoid excessive opening your legs and affect the image.

3. Threading posture

When taking off the erotic underwear, take it off gently as possible to avoid abrupt movements.You can slowly touch your body with your hands to increase your feelings. At the same time, you can avoid excessive force when you take off your underwear, leading to the phenomenon of straining muscles.

4. Sleep conditions

When wearing sexy underwear to sleep, choose as comfortable sleeping position as possible to avoid affecting sleep quality because of uncomfortable wearing.You can choose to lie down, lying on the side, lying on your back, but try to avoid going to sleep across legs, so that it can easily affect the health of the reproductive system.

5. Bathing treatment

When taking a bath, try to avoid placing sexy underwear in a humid place, which is easy to damage.It is recommended to take off the sexy underwear before taking a bath, then dry it with a towel and put it in a ventilated place to ensure the dry and clean underwear.

6. Put on a trend

When you put on sexy underwear, you can first massage your chest with your hands to increase your confidence, and then gently put on underwear. Don’t forget to adjust the length of the shoulder strap and strap to ensure comfort and beauty.

7. Poinity

When defecation is needed, try to avoid defecation when wearing sexy underwear, because it is easy to produce bacteria breeding.It is recommended to take off the sexy underwear first and then defecate.

8. Activity position

When performing exercise, fitness, or other activities, you must choose a suitable sexy underwear to ensure sufficient support and protection, and pay attention to the amplitude of limb movement to avoid problems such as slipping, shift or distortion of underwear.

9. Take a car post

When taking a car, try to avoid wearing too tight sexy underwear. This is easy to limit blood circulation and affect normal physical function.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the height and tilt angle of the seat to ensure comfort and safety.

10. etiquette conditions

When performing social, business or other entertainment occasions, try to keep elegant and generous as much as possible, and pay attention not to make sex underwear the focus of attention.In addition, be careful not to wear underwear too much exposed, vulgar or unbearable, so as not to cause adverse reactions.

In general, wearing sexy underwear is a very private and sexy thing. We should try to choose the right sexy underwear, and pay attention to the health and comfort of the body.In the process of wearing sexy lingerie, try to maintain a confident and elegant posture to make yourself more sexy and charming.

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