Wearing sex underwear is not SM

Wearing sex underwear is not SM

With the development of the sexy underwear market, various underwear styles are emerging.Some people like to wear sex underwear to increase interest, and some people think that wearing fun underwear is a SM behavior.So, is it really SM wearing a sexy underwear?Let’s discuss it in detail below.

1. The definition of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, which is designed to increase interest.Generally, sexy underwear uses a lot of unique materials, such as mesh materials, lace, leather, etc.The use of these materials can make underwear more sexy and enhance the charm of the wearer.

The definition of SM

The full name of SM is sexual abuse and sexual slave, which refers to the use of physical or psychological pain or compression to achieve sexual stimulation and satisfaction.This behavior is usually voluntarily carried out by both sides, with a certain extraordinary background and historical origin.

Third, the effect of sexy underwear

Drive underwear to reduce restraint and tension

Wearing a sexy underwear will reduce the psychological defense of the wearing, reduce restraint and tension, and increase self -confidence.This is an important effect of sexy underwear.

Putting sex underwear to improve fun enjoyment

There are usually many exquisite designs in sexy underwear, such as shoulder protection, corset, suspender, pantyhose, lace chest flower, sex T -shirt and so on.These designs can increase sexy and improve interest.

Fourth, the relationship between SM and sexy underwear

SM is a more extreme sexual behavior that requires physical or psychological pain or compression to get sexual satisfaction.And wearing sex underwear does not meet SM requirements, so sexy underwear does not belong to the SM category.

5. Wearing sexy underwear does not mean SM

Although wearing sexy underwear can increase sexy, this is not the same as SM.Wearing sex underwear is a shallow -level sexual behavior, the purpose is to regulate people’s emotions.SM is an emotional communication beyond the deep inside.The two are not comparable.

6. SM and the appropriate relationship with the human system

SM has been recorded in European historical records very clearly. This behavior is closely related to European religion, politics and culture.Therefore, it is difficult to understand the true meaning of SM without understanding these cultural history.And sex underwear does not require these prerequisites, everyone can easily understand.

Seven, wearing erotic underwear is a fashion

Interest underwear is not only a functional clothing, but also a fashion.With the development of fashion, more and more people wear sexy underwear to show personality and beauty.

8. Wearing sexy underwear must be cautious

Although wearing sexy underwear is not the same as SM, it also needs to be cautious when used.If it is not used properly, sexy underwear may also become an improper sexual behavior, or even a spiritual dependence.

Nine, conclusions

Wearing sex underwear is a way to increase interest, but it is not the same as SM.Interest underwear is a fashion, a functional clothing, has a unique personality and expression.The use of sexy underwear should not exaggerate its functions, but should pay more attention to our inner emotional needs.

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