Wearing sailor clothes to go to school in sex lingerie

Wearing sailor clothes to go to school in sex lingerie

As a representative of pornographic culture, erotic underwear has gradually entered people’s lives.Not only becoming a tone when the couple is private, more people have put it on the street as a fashion culture.If you want to attract attention on the campus, on the basis of dignified and sexy, wearing personalized sailor clothes sexy underwear is a good choice.Next, let’s take a look at the precautions and matching techniques of sailor clothes to go to school.

Purchase of sexy underwear

When you decide to wear sexy underwear to school, the first step is to buy a suitable sailor clothes sexy underwear.When buying, you should consider the comfort of the body, the quality and style of the underwear.For those who buy for the first time, choose the preferred brand or brand store as much as possible to ensure that the underwear is reliable and not allergic.


After buying a sailor suit sexy underwear, what needs to be considered is how to match the coat.Considering the cultural background of campus culture and different schools, it is best to choose a leisure or neutral match.For example: Put on jeans and solid T -shirts, and then wear a fitted denim jacket to set off the unique charm of sailor clothes sexy lingerie.Of course, it is best to choose a comfortable and atmospheric sweater and long sports pants to wear it, which is easy and fashionable.

Wearing scene

Putting on sex underwear to go to school, you can’t wear it at will at will.It is best to wear in the days of warm weather, wind and sun.In low temperature and harsh weather, you can change a warm coat to match according to need to achieve warmth.

Length of underwear

Choosing the appropriate length of underwear is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to. Too short will really seem not solemn enough, and those who are too long will seriously affect the beauty.A tight -fitting sailor’s sexy underwear can solve this problem, which can maintain comfort and show the perfect curve and beauty.

Choice of the corset

Of course, if you want to wear a sexy underwear to go to school, it is very suitable to choose a fresh and girlish sailor suit.However, for MMs with large breasts, the places where sailor clothes will restrain their chests make the chest more prominent. It should be more obvious. When wearing, you should choose a suitable corset. This is comfortable and not affecting the manner.

Underwear style choice

The selection of underwear style can be matched according to your body and temperament.For example, for MMs with a long body and fresh temperament, you can choose a simple and generous style, and the color is mainly light -colored.For MMs with a full body and mature temperament, you should choose a clear outline. The color can choose dark colors.

Choice for pants

The way to choose pants also needs to be noted. Generally speaking, wearing tight denim or colorful casual pants can create a sense of youthful vitality, and at the same time, it can also highlight the sexy charm of the sailor’s sexy underwear.

Shoes choice

Different shoes can bring you different styles. Putting on sports shoes can give people feel vitality. Putting on flat shoes can create a cute sense of vitality, and wearing high heels can highlight your beautiful posture.


It should be simple and generous when going to school with a sailor suit. Do not be too publicized, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.At the same time, stay dignified and generous when wearing, so as not to be strange by classmates or others.If you like the feeling of sexy underwear, seize the opportunity and put it on it to school!

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