Wearing a fun underwear on the outside


Interest underwear has always been a hot topic discussed in social occasions.From the passion with his lover, to showing women’s charm at a dinner, you can put on sexy underwear.However, not everyone may want to publicly reveal the whole of sexy underwear. So how to show the sexy and charming of women in specific occasions, but also not to make people feel too exposed?The answer is to wear a formal dress outside with a sexy underwear.

What is sexy underwear?

Compared with general underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to the performance of personality and characteristics.Interest underwear is usually made of special materials and processing processes, and its styles, colors, fabrics, etc. are very sophisticated.Whether it is sexy underwear or general underwear, it is part of women’s internal clothing.Interest underwear pays more attention to shaping and sexy expression than ordinary underwear.Different people have different ability to accept the degree of sexy and nakedness. Therefore, wearing internal and external wear has become a very practical solution.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

Wear different styles and styles of sexy underwear in different occasions.For example, you need to wear formal clothes outside the business occasion. Choose a simple black stockings and sexy lace BRA. This not only does not seem too public, but also highlights the charming and sexy of women.In private places, you can choose a more sexy and fleshy sexy underwear to meet the needs of the lover and make yourself more comfortable.

How to match the coat?

On wearing, wearing formal clothes is skillful.You can choose to wear a princess with a low neckline or a round neck jacket with a high neckline, so that the part of the sexy underwear can be covered, but it cannot be completely covered to highlight it.Essence

Sharing skills

When wearing sexy underwear, we can use it as a "finishing touch" to increase the highlight of the entire dress under the premise of ensuring moderate harmony.Wearing a formal dress is a trick to show the other side, such as wearing a slimming belt, a elegant tulle shawl outside the top, and a pair of high heels, you can stretch the body proportion visually, let the whole person watch it to seeGet up more mental and healthy.

Respond to accidents

In the process of using sex underwear, some accidents may occur.For example, when drinking and sweating after excessive drinking, you should pay special attention to wearing sexy underwear at this time.You can choose a sleeveless or simple -style sexy underwear. With a long and loose jacket, you can hide the part of the sexy underwear without being too exposed.

Falling underwear maintenance

It is also very important for the maintenance of sexy underwear.Interest underwear is usually special, and you should do your homework in washing and maintenance.It is recommended to wash it at low temperature and use a neutral detergent. Do not use a bleach or dryer to avoid damage to the underwear.

Choose the right brand

There are many sexy underwear brands on the market, but the production and design techniques of different brands are very different.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to choose a brand that suits you according to your needs and brand reputation.Don’t just buy a certain style blindly.

in conclusion

The combination of formal clothes and sexy underwear seems to be a more wonderful combination.When wearing, you need to master your skills. Don’t make people feel that it is intentional to show off their wealth, but it cannot be too subtle. It is our goal to reflect our sexy charm as much as possible.Choose a sexy underwear and jacket that suits you, with the appropriate high -heeled shoes, and also reflects the restrained beauty.

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