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How to choose to wear sexy underwear?

Wearing sexy underwear can make women confident and sexy.However, it is not easy to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.In universal adult products stores, the variety of sexy underwear is dazzling.In order to allow you to better understand how to choose to wear sexy underwear, we will share some suggestions here.

1. Focus on comfort

Isn’t it important for wearing fun underwear?of course not!Especially when you plan to wear all day.Interest underwear may be sexy and charming, but if it is not comfortable, then the whole day of Wearing will become very difficult.Therefore, you must choose a sexy underwear that suits your size before buying, and pay attention to the texture of the fabric and the design of the underwear.

2. Select the right underwear type

Understanding which underwear is most suitable for you is another important aspect when choosing sexy underwear.Each woman’s body, style and personality are different, so it is important to find the right underwear.For example, triangular underwear with lace and satin is suitable for women with small breasts and small lower fences; simple bras are suitable for women with hips and factories, and sexy underwear with back -revealing or sexy decoration is suitable for the back.Women who are smooth, softened and glutinous.

3. Size selection

When you buy sexy underwear, the size choice is very important.Too tight underwear will compress the lines of the breasts together, forming ugly auxiliary breasts. Excessive underwear can cause the problem of relaxation and unsuitory.Make sure to find a suitable and comfortable model, so that your figure will be good.

4. The correct color selection

When buying sexy underwear, the correct color choice is important.First, women should pay more attention to physical adaptability and proportion.Secondly, when choosing color, you must also consider which type of skin color belongs to.Choosing the same or similar color as the complexion will make the body look better and show the beauty of the body.

5. Choose a suitable style

You should also be more cautious when choosing a style of sexy underwear.Sex underwear, including sexy, gender, style, atmosphere, etc. from many angles, you need to respect your personality and aesthetic consciousness, and choose the one that suits you best.You can choose a variety of styles such as daily, pure, romantic, cute, dew guts, and wrapped breasts.

6. Consider special occasions

If you want to wear a sexy underwear and participate in important gatherings or activities, then you need to consider many factors such as the nature of the occasion and activities.For example, choose the color, material and design that suits you; in addition, reduce or stretch the figure lines, choose a variety of underwear decorations, and so on.

7. Consider matching

How to cooperate with underwear and jackets is the key point.Different colors and styles are matched with shirts, long skirts/pants, sweaters and jackets, which can make your shape more sexy.

8. Pay attention to maintenance

When wearing sex lingerie, cleaning and maintenance are very important.Pay special attention to the material and fabric washing method of sexy underwear to achieve correct cleaning residues and maintaining quality.Learn more about sexy underwear maintenance can help extend the life of underwear.

in conclusion

When choosing and wearing fun underwear, it is essential to pay attention to adaptability, style, proportion, comfort and maintenance.The rest is to wear underwear and appear confident and sexy.

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