Wear sex underwear and neighbors

Wear sex underwear and neighbors

In recent years, sexy underwear has become a fashion trend and a must -have for many women.However, it has become a controversial topic if wearing sexy underwear.If you are considering wearing sexy underwear, this article provides you with some tips and suggestions to help you get along well with neighbors when wearing sexy underwear.

1. Choose the right underwear type

First of all, you should choose the type of sexy underwear that suits you.Different occasions require different underwear styles.For example, European and American sexy underwear is more sexy, suitable for wearing in private places.Japanese sexy underwear is mainly cute and cartoon elements. It is suitable for wearing at home. Personal erotic underwear can show the personality and unique temperament.

2. Understand the community where you live

Second, please consider your community environment.The cultural concepts and beliefs of each place are different.In a more open community, wearing erotic underwear will not cause much controversy.But in some more conservative communities, sexy underwear may be regarded as inappropriate and disrespectful to neighbors.

3. Appropriate occasions

Wearing sexy underwear requires appropriate occasions.For example, in private places, such as living in home or with partners, wearing sexy underwear will not be more appropriate.But in public, such as shopping or dating, you must choose the appropriate way of dressing according to your appearance, temperament and needs.

4. Communicate with neighbors

It is also a way to communicate with neighbors.You can talk to your neighbors about your clothing and your preferences in your life.Through communication, help neighbors better understand their psychological needs and personality, and reduce possible conflicts and misunderstandings.

5. Avoid wearing too exposed sexy underwear in public

If you want to wear sexy underwear in your home, it is best not to wear too exposed erotic underwear on the window or balcony.This may not only attract the attention and discussion of the neighbors, but also cause unnecessary trouble.

6. Respect neighbors’ beliefs and cultural backgrounds

Wearing erotic underwear also requires the belief and cultural background of the neighbors.For example, in some countries, many people think that wearing sexy clothing is a behavior that does not respect women or even an immoral.Therefore, try to avoid wearing too exposed sexy underwear on these occasions.

7. Keep normal use

Maintaining normal use is also an important way.Wearing erotic underwear should be used in appropriate occasions and time, rather than too frequent or in inappropriate occasions.Pay attention to maintaining your behavior and distance between your neighbors, maintain a certain private space, and avoid causing unnecessary attention or feelings of others.

8. Respect the privacy of the neighbors

Finally, respect the privacy of the neighbors.For those neighbors who may not like to see your sexy underwear, try to avoid wearing too exposed erotic underwear in the public areas.When using your own private space, you can choose from all kinds of wear, but do not affect others.


Everyone’s wearing habits and concepts are different, and the same is true of sexy underwear.The key is to respect the cultural habits of neighbors and communities, avoid over -exposed sexy underwear in public, and maintain a good relationship with neighbors.Wearing erotic underwear on appropriate occasions will help enhance personal confidence and women’s self -esteem.

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