Wear fun shown in American dramas

Wear fun shown in American dramas

In many American dramas, you can see that actresses wearing various styles of sexy underwear appeared on the screen. These sexy underwear is not only for the eyeballs, but also to show the character and emotion of the character.This article will analyze the role and significance of wearing sexy underwear from multiple perspectives.

Show individuality

With the progress and opening up of society, women start to pay attention to their own personality and sexy, and sexy lingerie has become a way for them to show themselves and personality.In American dramas, many heroines wearing sexy sexy underwear can not only show their charm and sexy, but also reflect their personality and independence.For example, Blair in "Gossip Girl" wore colorful sexy underwear, showing her enthusiasm and vitality, and Rachel wore pink sexy underwear in "Six People" to set out her sweetness and femininity.

Increase the drama tension

In American dramas, sexy underwear has also become a means to promote the plot, which can increase the tension of drama.In "The City of Desire", the heroine Kasha wore a black erotic underwear and interacted with her boyfriend Michael’s bed passionate interaction, making the plot more compact and exciting.In "The Walking Dead", the appearance of Mrs. Nigan’s sexy underwear has added more unpredictable and imaginative space to the entire story.

Reflecting emotional state

While women wear sexy underwear, they also convey their emotional state.In "Skin", the heroine Angela wore black sexy underwear, showing her inner loneliness and embarrassment.In "The Beauty of the Sea", the heroine Jessica wore a red sexy underwear, showing her confident and independent character.Interest underwear has become a way to show the character emotional world, playing an important role in plot and role development.

Shape the character image

Interest underwear can also shape the character image, making the protagonist more vivid and visual.In "The Sisters of Bankruptcy", the shops operated by the protagonists are sexy underwear shops. They wearing various erotic underwear, showing their courage and extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit.In "Vampire Diary", the heroine Irene wears a red sexy underwear, showing her charming vampire image.

Stimulate the desire of the audience

In addition to the few functions mentioned above, another major role of sexy underwear in American dramas is to stimulate the desire of the audience.These sexy underwear are very sexy, showing women’s figure and charm.The audience is not only watching the plot, but also attracted and fascinated by these beautiful sexy underwear.This is also one of the important role of sexy underwear in American dramas.

Strengthen role relationship

Sex underwear can also strengthen the relationship between characters in the play.In "The Walking Dead", Jennifer wore a blue sexy underwear, inspiring the guard of the guard Calle’s admiration for her.In "Gossip Girl", Blair wore sexy erotic underwear, making her relationship with a barrel -picking man more nervous and complicated.Sex underwear has become a way of emotional entanglement between characters.

Reflect the background of the times

Sex underwear also reflects the changes and trends of the times.In different years, the types and styles of sexy underwear are different.In the United States in the 1950s, the main design style of sexy underwear was the sexy and sexy, and in the 1980s, sexy underwear paid more attention to women’s comfort and beauty.Therefore, sexy underwear also reflects the culture and social background of different historical periods.

Transfer social values

In addition to reflecting the background of the times, sexy underwear can also convey the values of society.In today’s American society, sexy underwear represents women’s confidence and independence. They are wearing sexy underwear, not to please men, but to show their charm and confidence.This is also an important role of sexy underwear in American dramas.


In short, sexy underwear plays a variety of roles in American dramas, which can not only show women’s personality and personality, but also strengthen the plot and relationship. In this sense, sexy underwear is not only a fashion item, but also an expression of expression.Symbols for women and pursuits.

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