Want to know how to give Wen Han and Intellectual underwear

Introduction: The origin of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, as a special underwear for increasing passion and sex, originally originated in Europe and the United States. Due to the relatively open European and American society, sexy underwear has become a common sexual cultural element, and then developed to various countries and regions around the world.

Part 1: Classification of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is roughly divided into three types: sexy, cute, obscenity.Among them, the sexy type is the most common one. Dark colors such as black and red are synonymous with many women.It is mainly based on cartoon images and sweet colors. Many people think of this type of sexy underwear as more suitable for young people, and the type of obscenity is mainly based on some extremely explicit design, which often arouses people’s controversyEssence

Part 2: Recommendation for sexy underwear

Recommend a retro -full cup underwear, the raised curve is at a glance, which fully increases the charm of women.Men can choose off -shoulder sexy vests or straight sexy underwear.

Part II

Recommend a pink series of sexy underwear mainly uses the cartoon image of toy bears. The color is bright and warm, which increases the cuteness of women. At the same time, in terms of male underwear, it is recommended to choose a cartoon tiger pants.

Part 4: Recommendation of obscene sexy underwear

It is not recommended to choose overweight sexy underwear, which should follow the principles of moderate, healthy, and cultural in order to meet the public’s aesthetic and moral concepts.

Part 5: Selection of Size of Fun Underwear

Size is an important factor in buying sexy underwear. You should choose according to your actual situation. You cannot pursue too much or large size. Tighter or too loose will have a negative impact on the body.

Part 6: The material selection of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear is also very important. You must choose a soft, comfortable, and breathable material. It is not advisable to choose a material that is too rough or too weak to ensure comfort and adaptability.

Part 7: Collect of sexy underwear

Fun underwear can be selected according to personal preferences. For women, they can be paired with eye -catching colors, and men can match some more personalized things, such as cat patterns and metal decoration.

Part 8: Interests of sexy underwear are not suitable

Sexy underwear is generally suitable for private occasions, such as the time for two people to get along, romantic dating, warm family life, etc., not suitable for some formal occasions, such as public places, workplaces, etc.

Overall view: Interesting underwear is an important component of sex culture

As a part of sexy underwear, its existence is both an expression and a kind of enjoyment. Under appropriate occasions and conditions, it can add more color and fun to people’s sexual life, so it should be regarded as regarded as regarded asIt is an important cultural phenomenon.

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