Want me to wear a sexy underwear to go out

It is a fashion trend to wear a sexy underwear, but for many people, this may cause confusion and discomfort. How do you wear it?Here are the suggestions I shared.

Choose a suitable style

Choose carefully when wearing a sexy underwear, which is the most important style for your own style.For those who try for the first time, it is recommended to choose a conservative and simple -style sexy underwear.This can make you more confident when going out.

Simple clothes should be simple

The clothes with sex underwear are also very important. Choosing a simple style is a wise choice.White T -shirt with black stockings and black sexy underwear is a classic and sexy choice.In addition, if you want to highlight underwear, you can choose loose clothes.

Don’t be too exposed

Wearing a sexy underwear is not the same as exposing his body.If you want to wear sexy underwear, you must know how to control your looks, figure and temperament.Underwear matching can make yourself look more beautiful and charming, but you must also consider the occasion and environment.

Reasonably choose underwear texture

Choosing underwear texture is also very important.When choosing, pay attention to the feeling and breathability of personal comfort, avoiding too tight or impermeable textures that affect your activities and breathing.

Master the color matching

Color matching is also one of the important factors of wearing sexy underwear.Choose a dark color series of sexy underwear and light color series tops to make you look more temperament and sexy.

Don’t wear too much accessories

Wearing too much accessories may give people a feeling of "making more noise".When wearing a sexy underwear, it is recommended not to wear too much decoration to avoid the feeling of visual impact and uncoordinated.

Avoid the confusion of sensuality and facts

Wearing a sexy underwear does not mean that you can express yourself at will, nor does it mean to give up yourself.It is necessary to treat sexy underwear rationally to avoid being biased and misunderstood.

Balanced sexy and dignified

When wearing a sexy underwear, be sure to balance sexy and dignified.Even a very sexy sexy underwear needs to wear suitable jackets and shoes to highlight beauty and temperament.

in conclusion

It is a fashion trend to wear a sexy underwear, but it is more important to choose a style and match that suits you to make yourself more attractive in a confident atmosphere.While enjoying your charm, don’t ignore the moral concepts and etiquette norms of society.

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