Vacuum sex lingerie number number

Vacuum sex lingerie number number

1. What is a lively and sexy underwear?

Vacuum erotic lingerie is a sexy underwear that can draw underwear air through the vacuum pump to improve sensory stimuli.A vacuum pump and insertable penis or nipple suction cups are usually included.

2. Variety of vacuum sexy underwear

Vacuum sexy underwear is mainly divided into two types: vacuum bra and vacuum penis.Vacuum bras usually have five cups of A, B, C, D, and E to choose from, while the vacuum penis sleeve has multiple specifications to choose from.

3. How to use vacuum sexy underwear

Using the lively sexy underwear, you need to connect the pump to the interface on the underwear, and use the pump to dry the air.The specific usage method needs to be operated according to the instructions.However, it should be noted that you must pay attention not to excessive breath, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the body.

4. Vacuum erotic underwear material

Vacuum erotic underwear is usually touched with soft silicone and good elastic latex.These materials have relatively small stimulation of the skin, but they still need to choose suitable materials according to their own conditions.

5. Cleaning and maintenance of vacuum sexy underwear

When cleaning and sexy underwear, a mild cleaner needs to be used. Do not use strong alkaline cleaning agents such as alcohol or sodium hydroxide.After cleaning, it needs to be completely dry and stored in a dry and cool place.

6. Precautions for vacuum sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points when using real -time sexy underwear:

Choose the right number and material

Do not over -exhaustion during operation

Do not use too long to avoid unnecessary damage to the body

Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance

7. The advantages and disadvantages of vacuum sexy underwear

The advantage of using lively sexy underwear is that it can enhance the sensory experience, improve sexual pleasure, and bring freshness.The disadvantage is that if you do not pay attention to how to use it, it may cause harm to the body.

8. Is a vacuum sexy lingerie good or bad?

In terms of whether this is good, everyone’s opinion is different.Some people think that it can increase pleasure and enhance stimuli; and some people think it is too dangerous and is not worthy of adventure.Therefore, whether you use lively and sexy underwear should choose according to your own situation and ideas.

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