Usually we wear sexy lingerie

Usually we wear sexy lingerie

In modern society, sexy underwear has become a trend, and is accepted and liked by more and more people.Many women think that sexy underwear is a sexy and elegant manifestation.So, what are the types of sexy underwear we wear in us?

Model 1: Tie breasts

The bras are one of the most basic sexy underwear.According to the style and color of clothes, women can choose different styles and colors of bra.In addition, according to different occasions and needs, you can also choose different types of bras such as steel ring, no steel ring, lining, and no lining.

Model two: triangle trousers

Tr carry pants are also a kind of sexy underwear.Unlike traditional underwear, the design of briefs is more in line with human curve and can highlight the hip lines of women.Common materials are cotton, lace, etc., and there are many materials and colors.

Model 3: suspender pajamas

The suspender pajamas are more beautiful and sexy sexy underwear.Most of the soft and comfortable materials are used, and the color is mainly sexy colors such as red, black, white, pink.

Model 4: Interesting underwear

The emergence of erotic underwear solves the embarrassing problems of many women, making them more confident and comfortable in interest.According to different occasions and needs, women can choose different styles and colors of underwear, such as T -shaped pants, lace panties, silk underwear, etc.

Model 5: lace underwear

Lace underwear is a very charming sexy underwear, which is welcomed by many women because of its gorgeous, luxurious and sexy.Women can choose different styles of lace underwear, such as bra, pajamas, panties, etc.

Model 6: Bodybuilding

Body -shaping is a sexy underwear that can shape body lines, which is very suitable for women who want to improve their body appearance.In addition, there are many kinds of body -shaping materials, such as latex and fiber, women can choose according to their own needs.

Model Seven: Interesting Dress

Interest dresses are a very popular type of sexy underwear.Unlike ordinary pajamas, sexy dresses usually use thin materials and sexy design, allowing women to show their sexy and charm.

Model eight: bellyband

The bellyband is one of the traditional Chinese sexy underwear types.Although there are few women wearing bellybands now, the design and material of the bellyband are classic and can relive Chinese traditional culture.


There are many types of sexy underwear. Each sexy underwear has a unique style and color, which allows women to choose in different occasions and needs.Whether leisure at home or taking photos outside, sexy underwear is a manifestation of women’s beauty and sexy, making women more confident, comfortable and beautiful.

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