Use old underwear to change fun underwear

The use of old underwear to transform sex underwear has become the choice of more and more women.Not only can you save money, you can also experience the fun of DIY.This article will introduce how to transform old underwear into sexy and charming sexy underwear.

Choose the right underwear

First of all, you need to choose tight underwear to maintain the shape during the transformation.In addition, it is best to choose sexy colors such as black or red in terms of color to enhance the effect of sexy underwear.

Pruning details

Put the underwear on the flat surface, cut off the excess parts on the bottom and side, and keep the front and upper part.You can use scissors or scissors to complete this step.

Add lace

Fix the lace edge on the edge of the front of the underwear.You can use a sewing machine or sewing it with your hands to maintain flatness and consistency.You can choose different lace according to your preferences, there are small and exquisite, and large and gorgeous.

Add a bow

Adding a bow at the center of the underwear can increase the feeling of cuteness and playfulness.Nail the bow to the center of the underwear, or wrap it with a lace to maintain a smoother appearance.

Add the sequins

Can be added to or behind the underwear to increase appeal and charming.The sequins can be pasted or sewed on the underwear, and you can choose different colors and sizes according to your preference.

Add silk ribbon

River ribbon around the waist to increase elegance and luxury.You can choose silk ribbons with different colors and materials to achieve different effects.

Add mesh

Fixing it on the underwear with mesh can increase transparency and sexy.You can cover the front of the entire underwear or add it only on the side.

Add magnet

Adding a small magnet to the side of the underwear can increase the strange feeling of sexy underwear.Magnetic can be fixed on the underwear, increasing durability and aesthetics.


DIY underwear can not only save expenses, but also experience the fun of creativity.By transforming old underwear, you can create personalized and sexy sexy underwear.However, it should be noted that although DIY underwear is simple, it still needs to handle every detail to ensure the final effect and quality.

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