Two sets of sexy underwear small breasts are large


For women with small breasts, it is even more difficult to choose a sexy underwear.However, some sexy underwear can increase the visual effects of small breasts and make them look fuller.In this article, we will share two types of sexy underwear, which can help small breasts more confident.

Sexy underwear type 1: Angela bra

Angela’s chest is a sexy underwear designed for small breasts.It can push the chest upwards, and at the same time enhance the curve beauty of the chest, making the chest fuller.This underwear is composed of two and a half cup of bra. Each bra is wrapped in half of the chest, which forms a complete bra.The half -cup design of Angela’s bras can also place the chest in the center position, thereby forming a plump curve beauty.

Quota underwear Type two: Boba Drain

Boba’s bra is another sexy underwear suitable for small breasts.Its design can make the chest fuller and enhance the curve beauty of the chest.The characteristic of Boba’s bra is composed of two full cups, and each bra can be wrapped in the entire chest.At the position where the space is relatively close, a U -shaped design protrusion is usually added, which can further enhance the aesthetics of the chest.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for making women look more full.The following are the suggestions that need to be paid attention to:

1. Appropriate size

Choosing the appropriate size can help the chest fully fill the bra.If the bra is too small, the chest will be flattened, but it will become even smaller.If the bra is too large, it will cause unnatural protrusion of the chest.Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate size according to your body shape and chest size.

2. The style of the bra

The style of the bras is very important. For small breasts, you can choose the two styles of Angella bra and Boba bra to enhance the plumpness.

3. Color and pattern

Colors and patterns can affect visual effects.Choosing a dark underwear can make the small breasts more prominent, and at the same time, the pattern can also play a eye -catching role.


By choosing a suitable sexy underwear, women with small breasts can make their chests look fuller.When choosing the bra, you must pay attention to the size and style, but also the color and pattern.I hope our suggestions can provide help for small breasts and make them have a more confident and beautiful figure.

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