Tuning Bai Li Story Love Underwear Shop

Introduction: Stepping tuning

Bai Li is a naughty girl. Her awareness of sexy underwear only stays on the body, and has never experienced the effects of formation and emotional creation.As the owner of a sexy underwear shop, my task is to liberate her from this single concept and let her realize the depth and breadth of sexy underwear.

Step 1: Open formation

I guided Bai Li to choose an abdominal formation gathered underwear, and told her that this underwear could not only create the ideal chest contour, but also made her figure more perfect through the abdomen design.At my suggestion, she bought this sexy underwear and found that it did improve after trying it on. She deeply liked this "not only good -looking" sexy underwear.

Step 2: Try to create

By understanding Bai Li’s personality and style, I recommended her a rose red lace -inlaid nighttime.Under my introduction, she knew the material of this lace and understood how to wear it, so that she deeply understood the importance of the diversification and sentiment of sexy underwear.

Step 3: In -depth understanding of brands and materials

I guide Bai Li to understand the brand and material of love underwear, and give different suggestions according to her needs and personality.By communicating and trying with her, she felt the importance of the brand and material of sexy underwear, and found out which brands and materials it was more suitable for her.

Step 4: Try to be more challenging

After gradually getting familiar with the basic points of formation and emotional creation, I proposed to try more challenging styles, such as "bold" styles such as split purple stockings, hollowed lace bottom panties.Although Bai Li initially felt that these styles were not suitable for herself, after my patience guidance, she finally overcome her obstacles, tried these styles, and felt the unique flavor of sexy underwear.

Step 5: Buy a whole set of sexy underwear

Through the guidance of the previous steps, Bai Li has fully realized the importance and depth of sexy underwear. In order to allow her to better geographically solve the depth of sexy underwear, I suggest that she buy a whole set of sexy underwear at one time and explain to her in detail every one.The characteristics and combination suggestions of sexy underwear.Through my suggestion, she understood the importance of sexy underwear as a whole, and began to like the gameplay of sexy underwear.

Step 6: Understand the matching method of clothing

After understanding the overall matching of affection underwear, I introduced Bai Li the matching method of sexy underwear and other clothing.For example, underwear+perspective skirts, underwear+deep V dresses, etc. These combinations make Bai Li feel the fashion and sexy feelings of sexy underwear, and further deepen her understanding and awareness of sexy underwear.

Step 7: Explore the use of different sexy underwear

In order to allow Bai Li to experience more uses of sexy underwear, I recommended her with different types of sexy underwear such as crystal sex lingerie and maid sexy underwear, and explained the purpose and application of each sex underwear in detail.Through attempts, Bai Li learned that sexy underwear can be used when we are wearing it, such as sexy performances, role -playing and other occasions.

Step 8: Choose independently to try new styles

Through the previous guidance, Bai Li already had a certain sexual underwear knowledge and experience. She began to take the initiative to choose to try new styles, instead of just obeying my suggestions.For example, she chose a dark blue perspective underwear and a hollow lace camisole underwear. She was able to choose from her own needs to choose a sexy underwear that suits her.

Step 9: The importance of teach other people’s sexy underwear

After I had a deeper understanding of sexy underwear, I suggested that Bai Li introduced the importance of sexy underwear to other women and shared my experience and experience in choosing and wearing sexy underwear.Through these sharing, she can express her understanding and love of sexy underwear more, and promote more women to solve the love lingerie.

Step 10: Conclusion

Through my guidance, Bai Li gradually discovered the depth and breadth of sexy underwear, so she really likes this kind of unique clothing.She deeply realizes that sexy underwear is not only a single experience wearing, but also a clothing culture that shapes beautiful, fashionable, sexy and morphology.

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