Tune H sexy underwear queen

Tune H sexy underwear queen

For most men, it is an exciting and challenging task from a traditional woman to a sexy and rebellious sexy underwear queen.If you want to be her master and want to teach her more sexy and addictive, then this article is written for you.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Before tuning the queen of sexy underwear, you need to learn about some basic knowledge about sexy underwear.First of all, you need to choose a sexy underwear that suits you and your queen.It should be consistent with your personality and your preference.You can choose from various forms of sexy underwear, such as SM sex underwear, lace sexy underwear, classical sexy lingerie, etc.Choosing a good quality, unique style, and matching with your queen is the first step to enter the process.

Understand the Queen’s preference

It is important to understand the Queen’s preference and preference, which allows you to better meet her desires and needs.You can observe what kind of erotic lingerie she usually wear, search for her hobbies on the Internet, or to talk about some habits and hobbies in the conversation to get her answer.When you know her favorite erotic underwear style and materials, you can better buy it and make her feel comfortable and happy.

Stimulate her vision

Most women are very sensitive to visual stimuli, so you should use visual benefits to arouse her lust.You can add some sexy lights to her room or show some sexy art.When she checks your results, she will realize your attention to her training.

Taste her body

Taste of the Queen’s body is also an important part of training.You have to model their bodies with a respectful attitude and help them better feel their skin.Take time Massaging and touching her skin, let the queen enjoy the best caress and love.

Study Sex TOYS

SEX TOYS is a prop by many couples.In addition to enhanced sexual stimuli, they also help novice to retrieve new sexual experiences.In the process of playing, you can consider using SEX TOYS to adjust your queen, which not only can satisfy her desire for new and different, but also stimulates sexual passion between you.

Share personal interest

Sharing some personal interests can make the training process more interesting.You can spend a beautiful night with the queen, share some sexual experiences of each other, or tell some erotic stories.Such interaction can not only increase the understanding of each other, but also closer each other’s distance.

Pay attention to language and limb language

Words and body language are very important during tuning.You need to convey your wishes and arrangements with appropriate language and limb movements, and you also need to obey the Queen’s opinions and ideas.When your language and body language are becoming more and more consistent, her psychology and physiology will gradually adapt to your training.

Reflection and adjustment

Reflect that the monotonous and ORZ status before tuning, and then find a way to solve the problem.After each tuning, you need to reflect on the shortcomings in the process of tuning and try better adjustment and improvement.You can learn from the online sexuality training skills to learn better and safer sexy underwear training methods.In short, adjustment is the key to success.

in conclusion

If you want to adjust a real queen of sexy underwear, you need to connect the queen to understand and protect her heart, step by step to pull the queen from daily state, and move towards a sexy and independent field.I believe that if you follow these training skills, you will have a good effect, so that your queen will be convinced and loyal to your care.

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