Tucao boyfriend wearing sexy underwear sentences

Paragraph 1: How can there be men wearing fun underwear

Interest underwear is a patent of women. When we buy it, we also visit the female underwear counter, so I was a little shocked to hear the concept of men wearing sexy underwear.However, in the era of all things that can be "optimized" today, this concept is not too outrageous.But whenever I see my boyfriend’s sexy underwear, I still have to make some helpless vomiting.

Section 2: "Too tight"

The first problem for men to wear sexy underwear is the size problem.After the ruler is tailor -made for her boyfriend, it may still make people feel "too tight".Perhaps this will make the boyfriend’s figure look more charming, but the process of dressing is not so good.

The third paragraph: "It’s like a piece of armor"

Interest underwear is usually different from daily underwear. It is more complicated in design. It is not easy to put one hand on.So whenever I see my boyfriend wearing the strange underwear, I think of the Middle Ages Cavaliers and put on my own armor in a circle.

The fourth paragraph: "It looks a bit too exaggerated"

The second problem of a man wearing a sexy underwear is the temperament problem.Especially in the eyes of outsiders, when men wear this underwear, they may leave the impression of lightness, wanton, and publicity, or the worse is boring or insignificant.

Fifth paragraph: "The whole person seems to be a dragon set"

The design of sexy underwear is usually to highlight the sexy charm of women.For men, when wearing sexy underwear, men often make men look too "soft".This reminds me that when my boyfriend put on this underwear, the whole person seemed to be a team of running dragons. The costume was too special and obtrusive.

Section 6: "Can’t breathe"

The design of the sexy underwear is particular about the tight beauty type. In addition to letting you show the best figure, there is also a sense of oppression.Not only can we wear it on the body, it will become very difficult to even breathe a few times. At this time, it feels a little similar to the feeling of just putting on a portal.

Seventh paragraph: "Automatically unload it as soon as walking"

Because of the tight beauty characteristics of sexy underwear, and most men have a lot of appreciation, it is difficult to deduct, almost all rely on magic stickers.Walking or even simply walking in this underwear may bring the danger of unloading.

Paragraph eighth: "It seems to affect the hardware of men"

For men, the physiological structure is different from women.When wearing sex underwear, men’s "hardware" may be limited or even blocked, which may make men feel uncomfortable.Of course, for some people, this has become your proud selling point.

Paragraph 9: "Not suitable for your personality"

The process of wearing a sex lingerie is likely to subvert the character of some men, making the original stable man become agile, enchanting and even crazy.But for some people, wearing sexy underwear is even a bit "incompatible", and it looks like the big boy with the soil flavor. It looks like clothes are not very comfortable.

Tenth paragraph: In short …

In short, men wearing fun underwear are indeed a "courage" attempt, but for most men, sexy underwear is still less.After all, sexy underwear is a patent that women can control. Even if it is to challenge male potential feminine elements, it is not suitable for sexy underwear.

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