Transparent erotic underwear MP4

What is transparent sexy underwear MP4?

Transparent erotic lingerie MP4 is a new type of sexy underwear. It not only has sexy and invisible sexy lingerie, but also can play videos through the built -in MP4 player.This sexy underwear regards music, erotic and fashion as one, and is the innovation and upgrade of sexy underwear.

The characteristics of transparent erotic lingerie MP4

Transparent sex lingerie MP4 has the following characteristics:

Transparent texture, sexy and mysterious

Built -in MP4 player, which can play a variety of video formats

Large capacity, you can store a few hours of videos

Light and soft, it feels very comfortable to wear

Easy to clean, convenient for maintenance

The style of transparent erotic lingerie MP4

The style of transparent erotic lingerie MP4 is very diverse, suitable for a variety of different figures and preferences, including:

Transparent stick


Transparent skirt

Transparent lace

Transparent fish web

Purchase suggestion of transparent sexy underwear MP4

When buying transparent sexy underwear MP4, you need to pay attention to the following:

Choose the size and style that suits you

Choose high -quality fabrics and manufacturers

Understand the performance and quality of the built -in player

Try to check whether it is comfortable to the body

Keep underwear clean and hygienic

The matching method of transparent erotic lingerie MP4

Transparent sexy underwear MP4 can be paired with a variety of clothing and accessories to combine different fashion senses and moods.For example:

Transparent underwear+high heels+red lips, sexy teasing

Transparent company model+long coat+short boots, fashionable and playful

Transparent skirt model+stockings+jewelry, noble and elegant

The maintenance method of transparent erotic lingerie MP4

The maintenance method of transparent erotic lingerie MP4 is very simple. Just pay attention to the following points:

Avoid long -term exposure and high temperature drying

Gently wash your hands to avoid using bleach and strong acid alkali cleaners

Dry on the flat shop, do not squeeze and distort hard

Applicable occasions of transparent erotic lingerie MP4

Transparent erotic underwear MP4 is suitable for wearing in the following occasions:

Sexy parties, nightclub carnival gatherings

Romantic dating, flirting between couples

Private occasions, intimate relationships

Price of transparent sexy lingerie MP4

The price of transparent sex lingerie MP4 varies from brands, styles, quality, functions and markets.Generally speaking, the price of transparent erotic underwear MP4 is between hundreds and thousands of yuan.


The launch of transparent sexy underwear MP4 represents the upgrading and innovation of the sexy underwear market.When consumers choose and purchase transparent sexy underwear MP4, they need to weigh the price, quality, performance and effects of factors to ensure the comfort of wearing feelings and the stimulus of visual experience.

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