Toilet sex underwear picture ad


Recently, a brand named "Toilet Including Lingerie" has released a series of advertising to promote its products on multiple social platforms. The female models in the picture wear this special underwear, put on the toilet or use other scenes of the toilet.The posture has attracted widespread attention and heated discussion.

The characteristics of toilet sex lingerie

The toilet sex lingerie is a special underwear that combines erotic elements and practicality. It is characterized by unique design, convenient wearing, and combined with the unique structure of the toilet to bring users an extraordinary dress.

Why is people attracted by this underwear

The design of the toilet sex underwear is very different from the traditional underwear. Its shape and use scenario are very special. Such an innovative design has aroused people’s curiosity and interest.In addition, this underwear and daily life supplies such as toilets make people feel that this is a highly practical and unique product, which also arouses people’s desire to buy.

The style and price of the toilet sex underwear

There are many styles of toilet sex underwear, with different colors and styles of BIKINI style, as well as high -waist underwear styles.In terms of price, different styles and materials of underwear are different, but generally around hundreds of yuan.

What do you need to pay attention to toilet sex underwear before use

Before using the toilet sex underwear, you need to ensure clean and hygiene.In addition, due to the special underwear design, the wearable process may take a long time and some skills.Therefore, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully or seek the help of professionals before using it.

Toilet sex underwear experience and usage scenarios

The toilet sex lingerie is very comfortable to wear, especially when using the toilet, it has a very unique dress.The use scenario is also very rich. It is not only limited to the family toilet, but also can be worn in travel, dating and other occasions to bring people an unusual interest experience.

Is the toilet sex underwear suitable for everyone to use

Because the toilet sex lingerie has strong erotic elements and special wear scenes, you need to carefully consider your preferences and needs before personal use, and whether the use scenario is appropriate.For people with a history of allergies or diseases, you need to consult your doctor’s opinions before use.

Whether the toilet sex lingerie is in line with social morality and ethics

Although the toilet sex lingerie has strong erotic elements, it does not involve any illegal or immoral behavior, and reasonable use will not cause harm to any man.Therefore, whether it is in line with social morality and ethics, it should depend on individuals’ understanding and cognition of interest and sexual concepts.


As a product that integrates fun and practicality, toilet sex underwear has a unique design and use experience, which has attracted people’s attention and heated discussion.Although the scope of application is relatively narrow, for consumers with related needs, choosing toilet sex underwear that suits them can also add a fun and creativity in daily life.

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