Tie rope sexy underwear


As one of the important elements of modern love underwear, sexy underwear is constantly being new, which is dizzying.Among them, the characteristics of tie -rope erotic underwear are becoming more and more popular because of their sexy and challenging traditional constraints.This article will introduce you to the types and characteristics of tie -tie -ropes.


Tie rope erotic underwear originated from a form of art in Japan -tied art.The absence of tie arts is long in Japan, and the tie artist uses a rope to create various artistic shapes.Later, this special rope skills were introduced into sexy underwear, creating rope sexy underwear.


At present, there are many types of sexy underwear on the market.The most common types are: chest tie, waist waist, leg tie, arrest, etc.In addition, with the development of tie arts, more and more variety of styles have been derived accordingly.For example, high waist tie rope, bow tie rope, whole body tie rope, etc.


Compared with traditional erotic underwear, tie rope erotic underwear has the following unique features.

Stunning, sexy, detail in one body, more artistic value

Use the arc and design of the rope itself to highlight the beauty of the curve with people

With the effect of tightening body lines and beautifying the body proportions

Suitable for long -term wear, not skin, no damage to the skin


The fabric of the rope sex lingerie is usually high -bomb strong fiber and artificial cotton. At the same time, the texture of the fabric can also affect the performance effect of the tie rope.

Method of dressing

Wearing rope sexy underwear requires skills, so when you are used for the first time, it is recommended to try it on the basis of being familiar with sexy lingerie.When you wear it, you should clearly understand the components of the clothing, avoid errors, and pay attention to moderate strength to prevent unpredictable situations.

For people

Generally speaking, a slim and beautiful figure is more suitable for wearing rope sexy underwear.At the same time, because of certain tie skills, some skills are required.

Way of matching

Tie rope erotic underwear is suitable for single or mixing.In the case of single wear, you can match with some casual jackets or shorts.In the case of mixing and matching, you can cooperate with various clothing, such as shirts and lace tops.


After tie the rope sex underwear, clean it in time, dry it appropriately, and do not wash and dry.At the same time, pay attention to storage environment and methods to avoid long -term squeezing and moistness.

market expectation

With the development of tie arts, tied rope sex underwear has become a hot spot in the sex lingerie market.In the future, with the expansion of the global market, the prospects of tie rope sex underwear market will be wider.


As a kind of innovative element in the sex lingerie market, the value of tied rope sex underwear in major fashion weeks and artistic performance is getting more and more attention.It can be used for both sexy temptation or a manifestation of individual art.

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