There is no place to wash a sexy underwear

Problem Description

For modern people, sexy underwear is no longer a rare thing. On the contrary, it has gradually become an indispensable part of sexual life.After buying sexy underwear, the problems we face are often: there is no place to buy sexy underwear.Especially when students, rents or family members are more conservative, it is difficult to wash the sexy lingerie at home.What should I do?

Option 1: Choose a buffet laundry store

Buffet laundry is a convenient and fast choice.This laundry not only provides conventional laundry services, but also allows customers to operate machines on their own, providing free laundry fluids and soft agents.After this method is washed, just take the sex underwear home to dry it by yourself.

Option 2: Wash with a washing machine

It is the most common way to put sex underwear into a washing machine with detergent.But for sexy underwear, this is not a good way.First of all, sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear. Its fabrics, flowers and other materials are special.At the same time, sexy underwear is generally thin and transparent, and requires more fine care methods.

Scheme 3: Handwashing

Hand washing may be the best way at present.First of all, choosing the appropriate laundry solution can ensure that the sexy underwear is not damaged.However, it takes a lot of time to wash sexy underwear and need to be fully prepared.

Option 4: Find a professional sexy underwear washing service

Today, there are already many sexy underwear washing service merchants on the market.These businesses generally have professional washing processes and equipment, so they can be more detailed.If you have no way to deal with it yourself, you can consider finding these merchants to provide professional services.

Option 5: Use a special cleaner

Unlike ordinary detergents, the cleaning agent of sexy underwear is more professional and fine, and can better protect sexy underwear.For example, some professional sexy underwear cleaner can effectively remove blood stains and other stains, and can sterilize and disinfect.

Plan 6: Choose some sexy underwear with special fabrics

Some erotic underwear fabrics can be washed water. Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you can choose the sexy underwear of this fabric.The erotic underwear of this fabric is different from the general sexy underwear. They are more soft and comfortable, skin -friendly. At the same time, the skin breathing is smoother, which can bring pleasure to the body and easy to clean.

Plan 7: There must be a number of erotic underwear in turns to use

If you don’t want to worry about the problem of cleaning underwear, you can choose to buy a number of erotic underwear to achieve the purpose of turning in use.These erotic underwear are strange, each with its own characteristics, and the use is different, so you must also choose according to personal needs when buying.

Option 8: Pay attention to privacy when drying

After cleaning, the sexy underwear must be completely dried.However, while drying, pay attention to privacy issues.It is recommended not to put the sexy underwear on the balcony or the window, but can put them in a hanger or indoors to dry.

Option 9: Don’t wash with other clothes

The material and style of sexy underwear are special, which is easily damaged by other clothing, and even causes the loss of the original characteristics.Therefore, when cleaning, do not mix interest underwear with other clothes.

Plan 10: Buy a sterilization disinfection machine

Sterilization disinfection machine is also an ideal cleaning choice.These machines use non -bubble cleaning technology, which can completely remove deep stains, and at the same time, deep sterilization and disinfection of sexy underwear, and complete the process of fast drying.This method is more suitable for people who often need to wash sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Although the cleaning of sexy underwear is not a simple matter, it is not necessary to worry too much about choosing the appropriate way.The most important thing is to choose a way that suits you and pay attention to the details during the cleaning process.

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