There is no effect in sexy underwear to wear too much

Is it effective to wear more sex underwear?possible!

As a sexy and stylish match, sexy underwear is increasingly sought after by women.However, many people think that the sexy lingerie will lose the effect. Is it true?Let’s take a look at this problem below.

Sexy underwear with different materials, different maintenance methods

There are many types of erotic underwear, such as silk, lace, cotton and so on.Each material has different maintenance methods. If it is incorrect and maintained, it will make the sexy underwear lose its beauty early.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must perform correct maintenance according to the material of the sexy underwear.

Pay attention to washing before wearing

The just -purchased sexy underwear should be cleaned before wearing, which is a way to compromise skin health.Especially those sexy underwear that is set, cotton pads, concentrated, and flat -angle -type, if not washed first, the chemicals inside may affect the breast.

Pay attention to the choice of different sizes

The sexy underwear with too small size is not only uncomfortable, but also easily causes problems such as subcutaneous edema and blood stasis.On the contrary, if the size is too large, it will cause the breasts to plug in, and there will be pads, flatness, and sagging when wearing.The correct choice of size is very important for the maintenance of sexy underwear.

Don’t hastily machine washing

Many people think that sexy underwear is simple, and it can be washed directly.But in fact, during machine washing, too violent friction, and the water temperature is too high, it may damage the protection effect of sexy underwear, deforming the underwear, ball, color drop, shrinking, and so on.Therefore, it is best to wash or choose a mild washing mode by hand.

Prevent conventional ironing

The ironing may deform the fabric of the sexy underwear, the color fades, or the satin and lace are damaged during ironing.Therefore, when ironing, you should use low -temperature single -layer ironing. It is best to use a protective cloth to cover the sexy underwear and iron it.

Avoid burning at high temperature sunlight

High -temperature sunlight has a great impact on clothing, especially for sex underwear.High temperature will make the material crispy, the color fade, which will affect the service life.Therefore, when drying, it is best to dry it in the light and ventilation of the light. Remember not to expose it.

Don’t stand for a long time

Inappropriately placed in sex underwear for too long, it is easy to cause uneven pressure on clothing, leading to deformation and wear.Therefore, whether it is snow -shaking underwear or a woolen coat, a small sweater, it is best to place a shelf or hang in the closet.

Choose the right way to take care

Each erotic underwear has different maintenance methods.The appropriate processing method can effectively extend the life of the underwear, and it is also very good for the protection function and performance of extending the underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to its material and use appropriate maintenance methods.


Under the correct maintenance concept, how long the sexy lingerie will not lose the effect.As long as you choose the corresponding maintenance method according to different types of sexy underwear, and take care of it with your heart, the sexy underwear will maintain a beautiful, sexy, and comfortable.

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