The world’s top sex underwear show France

The world’s top sex underwear show France

1. Avant-Garde style sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a balance between sexy and depression. Now, more and more designers have begun to try innovative design and give more artistic sense to underwear.One of the major features of French erotic underwear is the AVANT-GARDE style, which is unveiled in the catwalk with a tradition and leading the trend.

2. Candy erotic lingerie

Candy pornographic underwear is a design style that has attracted much attention in recent years. It has bright colors and diverse styles. It is very suitable for young people’s fashion matching.French sexy underwear designers are also good at using this color to create underwear styles that can not be ignored at a glance.

3. Black classic sexy underwear

In sexy underwear, black is an immortal classic.French erotic underwear designers are accustomed to using black, and through various lines, tailoring and detail design to create a distinctive black erotic underwear.

4. Embroidery craftsmanship sex underwear

Embroidery technology is a common craft in French sexy underwear design. This process makes underwear more delicate and textured, and more suitable for the taste of exquisite women.The use of embroidery technology has increased the design of sexy underwear to a new height.

5. avant -garde art sexy underwear

The design of avant -garde art erotic underwear is derived from the creative inspiration of designers with strong personality. Its surprisingly winning design style is often bright.The design of this sexy underwear not only focuses on aesthetic experience, but also incorporates other art elements, expressing the rich creativity and world outlook of designers.

6. Jewelry decoration sex lingerie

Jewelry decorative sexy underwear is a major feature of French sexy underwear design. It adds gorgeousness to the underwear through the embellishment of jewelry.Jewelry decoration design sometimes becomes more complicated in the design of the underwear, but it still maintains the sexy and charming of the underwear.

7. Plush decorative sexy underwear

Plush decorative erotic underwear is a more popular design trend in recent years. It is to integrate women’s tender body and soft plush materials, creating a charming and unique sexy underwear.French erotic underwear designers have also made a lot of innovation in this regard, bringing more fun to underwear.

8. Perspective design sexy underwear

Ferry design sexy underwear is a design posture that allows people to have a visual imagination space. It cleverly uses the transparency of the material and portray the curve beauty of women’s bodies, making the underwear more mysterious and sexy.French erotic underwear designers often use this design method to attract the attention of the audience.

9. Metal decorative sexy underwear

Metal decorative erotic underwear injects a sense of futurization and fashion into the sexy underwear through metal embellishment and covering.French erotic underwear designers also play well in this regard, and create unique sexy underwear with their unique style.

10. Frontier technology sexy underwear

Cutting -edge technology erotic underwear is a cutting -edge design that combines electrons and underwear, so that underwear is not only a item that is worn on the body. It is more a technology that can lead the future. A wider world is waiting for itdevelop.French designers not only advance in the design, they continue to innovate and develop, but also contribute to the trend of sexy underwear in the future.

In short, in French sex underwear shows, people can see the world’s top sexy lingerie styles. In innovative elements, material selection and process technology in these styles, injecting more artistic elements and fashion senses for the design of sexy underwear designsEssenceFrench erotic underwear design not only incorporates its own culture and artistic characteristics, but also is well affirmed and appreciated by the world’s top designers.Today’s sexy underwear design is no longer simple sexy, but also a fashion brand that reflects female charm, taste and personality.

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