The sexy underwear I bought is not washed

The sexy underwear I bought is not washed

The most critical step when purchasing sexuality and fun underwear is to choose styles and sizes.However, after getting underwear, some people will forget a very important thing before wearing -washing.Here are some problems and solutions about buying erotic underwear.

1. Problem background

Surprisingly, many people don’t know that the underwear they bought needs to be washed first to wear.Their reasons include too tight time, feel that the manufacturer has been washed, or underwear looks clean.But in fact, these underwear is likely to be tried to penetrate by many people, so it needs to be cleaned correctly.

2. The purpose of underwear cleaning

There are several purposes for cleaning underwear.First, cleaning is to remove the residues left during manufacturing and any stains contaminated in the process.Second, the cleaning of underwear can ensure that any potential germs and bacteria can be eliminated, which is very important for some people.Finally, the underwear worn every day will collect bacteria from sweat, oil and skin cells. Cleaning can eliminate this pollution.

3. How to clean the underwear

What should I do if the sexy underwear I bought is not washed?It should be noted that underwear should not be cleaned completely according to the instructions on the label.The cleaning method shown in the label may not be the best method.The following are some points for cleaning the sexy underwear:

-Igly handwashing

It is recommended to wash underwear, because most of the sexy underwear has some detailed details, such as lace and other embroidery. These things are very vulnerable to the destruction of the washing machine.Hand washing will be gentle and more careful.


Selecting a cleaner that matches the underwear fabric can ensure that the item is not damaged.Use high -efficiency laundry powder soft agent or other cleaner to ensure the cleaning effect.

-On avoid soaking

Soaking is the most important step in most cleaning methods, but it is not so for sexy underwear.The soaking will deform clothes and cause damage to lace and other embroidery.Therefore, minimize the soaking time as much as possible to maintain the integrity of the underwear.

-Dy drying method

Do not put underwear into the dryer, which will cause the size to deform, or let the details and lace lose the process details.It is recommended to dry the underwear, and you can choose to place it on a specially made drying rack.This method can ensure that the underwear is kept clean and tidy, and it is rarely damaged.

4. Safety issues

Most of the sexy underwear in the market today is made of a large amount of chemical materials, and has harmful dyes and chemicals to the human body.If you are not washed in the fun underwear you bought, it means that you will not only feel uncomfortable when you wear it, but you may also cause skin diseases or sensitive problems.Therefore, ensuring the quality and safety of the detergent is an important requirement.In addition to using natural detergents, sensitive testing of detergents before cleaning is also very important.

5. Persist in cleaning

Housewives should insist on cleaning the sexy underwear.If you choose the most innovative sexy underwear, its value is not just beautiful appearance, but the internal quality is equally important.Cleaning complete erotic underwear will ensure its quality and details and maintain the quality of the underwear for a long time.

6. Replacement of sexy underwear regularly

Even if you do all your efforts to clean up your sexy underwear, you should also consider changing underwear regularly, so as to ensure the best quality and cleaning.Although this is not to solve the problem of not washing the sexy underwear bought, regular replacement of underwear can ensure the integrity and cleanliness of the underwear.

7. Storage underwear between the washing cycle

Even if you insist on cleaning your sexy underwear every time, make sure you are stored in the right place before use.Between the washing cycle, you can store underwear in a wardrobe with dust bags to avoid dust and air pollution.

8. Cultural tradition

In many cultural traditions, washing these underwear is very important.Family women will clean up sexy underwear, or other various clothes before the festival or other important occasions, and store them in many ways in love.


It is common for the sexy underwear to buy, but the importance of ignoring underwear was not only affecting wearing comfort, but also health and lasting quality.Therefore, learning the correct erotic underwear cleaning method can ensure the integrity and quality of the underwear, and improve the comfort and safety of wearing.

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