The name of sexy underwear

Falling underwear naming method

Interest underwear is a costume focusing on women’s private parts. Its naming methods mostly show the characteristics of romance, sexy, taboos, etc. Let us understand the names of sexy underwear and the connotation they contain.

Basic style naming

Basic styles are generally simpler, such as bras, underwear, suspenders, etc.These naming methods are conformity and can directly illustrate the styles and uses of underwear.

Naming of sexy series

The naming method of sexy series is more creative, such as "sexy temptation", "seductive infinite".These names can better create an elegant and sexy atmosphere by expressing their sexy connotations.

Naming of Classical Series

The naming method of classical series is relatively mysterious, such as "Dream Violet", "Marilyn" and so on.These names are designed to show a more classic and elegant side of underwear, and they are the same as fashion pursuit.

Name of the Japanese and Korean series

The naming methods of the Japanese and Korean series are relatively fresh and cute, such as "small fresh", "sweet candy" and so on.These names can not only express the style of Japanese and Korean style, but also bring a cute fresh feeling to girls.

Naming of leather series

The naming method of the leather series is bolder, often full of challenges, taboos and excitement, such as "sexy leather", "charm black silk" and so on.These names are usually attractive to attract people’s attention with the stimulating and challenging side.

Name for the tube top underwear series

The naming method of the tube top underwear series is even more unique, such as "twist braids" and "heart -shaped milk stickers".They are usually designers to create artistic conceptions through different shapes of underwear and naked breasts to better achieve their aesthetic design goals.

Name of set series

The naming method of the set series combines multiple underwear styles, such as "Lace Princess Set" and "Seductive Kitter Set" and so on.These names can show the characteristics of the underwear series, and suggest that customers buy the advantages of the whole set of underwear.

Name of high -end customized series

The naming method of the high-end customized series directly reflects its high-end and customized characteristics, such as "-VIP Beauty Scores" and "Private Customization".These underwear customized brands are usually designed based on everyone’s figure and needs to design a exclusive underwear. The naming method also directly provides customers with a sense of honor.

Named material

The naming method of the main material is the selling point of the underwear as a promotional selling point, such as "lace miracle" and "silk love".These names show the purity, softness and comfort of the texture, leading the trend of fashionable underwear.


The names of sexy underwear are diverse and creative, and they can better meet the needs of women consumers when they provide sexy, beautiful and elegant.Women can choose sexy underwear suitable for their style and names to show their own personality and charm.

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