The most omitted erotic lingerie

The most omitted erotic lingerie

Interest underwear is a part of modern women’s fashion and a means to enhance sexual interest.Among the many erotic lingerie, there is a kind of underwear that is particularly popular, that is, the most omitted erotic underwear.This underwear is exposed to a large area, and the design is very creative.This article will introduce the style, characteristics and applicable occasions of the most omitted erotic underwear.

1. bra

The most omitted erotic underwear is inevitable to have bra.The design of the leakage head is one of the most missed bras.Some designs can even show the entire breast.Different designs can show different sexy charm of women.The size can generally be customized according to personal needs.

Second, short top

Another most omitted erotic underwear is a short top. It can reveal the female’s belly button. It is a must -have item for sexy out of summer.There are various materials for short tops, including silk, gauze, and lace. Different materials can show different sexy style.

Third, off -shoulder vests

Oktail vests are one of the most omitted erotic underwear, which can be completely exposed to the back and looks very sexy.This style is suitable for markets, nightclubs and other occasions.Different colors and materials can be paired with different underwear and jewelry to create different visual effects.

Four, milk stickers

Milk stickers are a new type of omitted erotic lingerie. You can just put any clothes, just stick it.Milk stickers are divided into many different materials: there are transparent, zipper, satin, foam, etc. You can choose different types of milk stickers according to the needs of the occasion.

5. Perfect body beam pants

Perfect figure pants are the most omitted erotic underwear that can shape the female curve.It contains bra and tight pants, which can make women’s figures more perfect.This style is currently very popular, especially suitable for important occasions such as weddings and dinner.

Six, transparent stockings

Transparent socks are an important part of women’s clothes, and they are also the most omission of sexy underwear. They can make their thighs more slender, and they can also add sexy atmosphere while showing the women’s beautiful legs.Its material is generally divided into silk, gauze, mesh, and so on.The transparent silk texture can look particularly seductive.

Seven, consecutive body and charming pretend

The conjoined dress fully shows the charm of women’s figure, and the entire design is very sexy and beautiful.Its style is diverse, including exposing breasts and navels.It can be applied to various occasions to make women more confident and beautiful.

Eight, high fork swimsuit

High fork swimwear is the most omitted and most omitted underwear, which can completely expose the chest.The swimsuit is generally low -cut, and some can even show the entire chest and thighs.The high fork swimsuit is very suitable for beach vacation, which can make women the focus of everyone.

Nine, skin -friendly elastic costume

The skin -friendly stretching and sticking to women’s bodies make women more charming.Its style can have a variety of choices, suitable for various occasions.This style is very tolerant of women who are not ideal, which can improve them in terms of sexy and self -confidence.

Ten, night skirt

The nightdress is one of the most omitted lingerie, and you can wear fun in bed.The style and material of the nightdress are very colorful, and you can choose according to different occasions and personality needs.The nightdress focuses on comfort and freedom, and is also very sexy.


The most omitted sexy underwear is a very distinctive and charming female fashion item, which is suitable for various occasions.For modern women, wearing this underwear can increase their self -confidence and sexual charm.When choosing the most omitted lingerie, you must choose the style and material that suits you according to your body shape and personality.

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