The more conservative wearing a sexy underwear, the more explicit

From the past to the present, the sexy underwear is no longer limited to small objects limited to private parts, but has become synonymous with fashion and trend. As a trendy clothing, it can not only set off women’s figure, show sexy charm, and also show sexy charm.It can enhance the mood and interest and become a kind of sex prop.Most women want to share their beautiful experiences with you, but there are still some misunderstandings about wearing sexy underwear.From the two aspects of conservative and explicit, this article wears the skills of wearing sexy underwear for everyone, hoping to find a balance point between beauty and sexy.

Conservative cut

For those who wear fun underwear for the first time, there are often many concerns. I do n’t know which normal sexy underwear to choose, or the basic style of the floral tights, and red, purpleAnd black embroidery blended.Next, let’s learn about some wearing skills about conservative erotic underwear.

1. Visual weakening

Next to the popular conservative erotic underwear, there is also a "lace lace" and "waist design" underwear. This design can support the chest and the part that does not want to show.This design is not very naked, so that people pay attention to the design and texture of sexy underwear.

2. Detail control

Details are a very important element. To easily create sexy, this detail control is very necessary.When you get inspiration from conservative erotic underwear, you can choose some styles with precipitated sense and use metal buttons, chains and other details. The reason why these details are popular because they can make the plain sexy underwear more uniquely unique, Show unique personality and fashion.

Explicit entry

For women who want to show sexy and charm, lace decoration, transparent material and hot belly button dew need not be mentioned.There is no doubt that this type of sexy underwear requires that wearers are confident and courageous, but well, beautiful pictures will leave a deep impression.Next, let’s learn about some wearing skills about exposed and sexy underwear.

3. The selection of models should be clear and clear

When choosing a show -free underwear, don’t blindly pursue sexy, combine your body condition and the temperament and style you want to show.The response of people to stimulus is based on uncertainty, novelty and complexity. Choosing too simple explicit underwear, the attractiveness to the audience will be much reduced.

4. Transparent line

The magic of transparentness is that it not only helps to set off the shape, but also create various effects such as mysterious, mysterious, and cartoons.Through the material of gauze, metal, embroidery lines and other materials, the body can be shown. Through black, white, gold and other basic colors, it can also show the inner sense of urgency and mystery.

5. Wearing skills

The transparent material and the pretty style are more popular and explicit -explicit underwear.Pay attention to wear, try not to wear as much as possible as a beam, and the comfort of the chest pads must also be considered.Choose the color of rendering, with the right occasion, and put on transparent sexy underwear, can also take into account both safety and good -looking aspects.

Selection of fabrics and accessories

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to styles and colors, but also pay attention to the quality and accessories of the material.In this part, let’s discuss how to correctly choose the material and accessories of sexy underwear.

6. Cotton and linen life

For people with very sensitive skin, cotton -linen’s sexy underwear is the most ideal choice. It is very absorbed and breathable, it is not easy to cause skin allergies, and it is very comfortable to wear on the body.The cup is strong and balanced, and the chest can appear delicate and plump.

7. Silk Angel

Although the imitation of silk sex underwear is very cheap for half price, this underwear is very harmful to the body.Choosing high -quality silk sexy underwear will be more comfortable, and the fiber uses metal wire or ribbon to evoke magic, which can create mysterious and elegant effects.

8. Metal accessories

Metal parts are one of the most classic accessories of sexy underwear. The hardness and temperature of the metal parts will create a different emotional experience for you, which is rich and exciting.At the same time, the production of metal parts also produces reflex effects, providing more colors, shapes and style choices.

Between simplicity and complexity

One important reason why the design of sexy underwear is popular is its diversity and complexity.In design, it can be a simple basic model or a complex version.The two have their own characteristics. How should I choose?Let’s take a look at the following wearing skills.

9. Simple foundation

For those who try to find sexy underwear for the first time, it is more appropriate to choose some basic models. Tedicized design and multiple accessories are likely to make people a little confused.Basic sexy underwear has a classic and beautiful design sense, and there is no such gorgeous color and bold design style.This type of erotic underwear can help people better grasp their bodies and make the whole person more beautiful.

10. Complex Ple Be Careful of your color choices

For those who like to try fresh and creative, the complex version of the sexy underwear will have a pleasant and unexpected erotic atmosphere.This type of erotic underwear often has a lot of colorful accessories, such as the lady’s diamond villain, gem style sharp embroidery, confirmation, embroidery, rope, etc., can make people show a bold and confident attitude.

It is necessary to find a balance between conservative erotic underwear and boney sexy lingerie.When wearing sexy underwear, choose according to the characteristics, personality and style of your figure.Of course, selective and unique accessories and materials, as well as correct understanding and mastering dressing skills, are also very important.Always cherish yourself and enjoy this beautiful moment!

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