The male lead let the female lead try to make fun underwear

The male lead let the female lead try to make fun underwear

With the improvement of people’s living standards, sexy underwear has become a fashion and cultural phenomenon that is popular all over the world, and it is no longer just a feminine product.Men also began to pay attention to sexy underwear and gave their other half a gift.On a clear weekend, the male lead decided to give her a special surprise to let her try some sexy underwear.At this time, many people may not know how to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.In this article, we will introduce some basic knowledge about sexy underwear to help the male lead buy suitable sexy underwear for the heroine.

1. The importance of the foreplay: Why should I feel interesting underwear

Before the erotic underwear was added to the foreplay, the "attraction of each other" between men and women lacked a lot.Trying sexy underwear can ignite more sexual desire, and also makes sex more erotic and teasing sex.The material of sexy underwear is generally softer than ordinary underwear. It is recommended that the heroine put it on the bed and wait for those intense physical interactions.

2. Understand the heroine’s own style

Everyone has their own style, and sexy underwear is no exception.It is important to understand the style of the heroine and choose a sexy underwear suitable for her.Some women like cute and sweet styles, some women prefer sexy and bold styles, while some women like calm and simple styles.The male lead can consider the style of the female lead usually wearing, or observe the details of her cosmetics, jewelry, etc. to get inspiration.

3. Buy a size suitable for the heroine

It is very important to choose the right size.Too small can cause discomfort and squeezing, and too much will cause the effect of not highlighting the body.The male lead can use the size as part of the female lead, implying her size, or secretly glanced in the female lead’s wardrobe.

4. Material is the key

The material of sexy underwear is very important. It can be said that it directly affects the comfort of wearing and the sexuality of selection.Generally, as the first purchase, the male lead should choose soft and comfortable materials such as lace and silk, and not leak light fabrics.If the quality is required to upgrade again, it is also a good choice to choose sexy underwear made of leather or mesh (Mesh).

5. Style selection

There are many styles of sexy underwear. From daily flat lingerie, to sexy opening sexy underwear, to more exposed marksless underwear, opening will make women more creative and new experience when they are interesting.The male lead can choose a style that suits him, so as to help the female lead choose the sexy underwear that suits him best.

6. Be careful in color matching

The color matching of sexy underwear is very important, which can affect your feelings and your temperament.Appropriate color matching can increase the charm of women.Male leads can choose proper color matching according to their preferences and the temperament of the heroine. For example, black and white matching will make people look noble and elegant. If it is a past car, pink matching will be more decent.

7. Don’t forget the basic model

Interest underwear may be more creative and colorful, but the advantages of basic models can also be displayed because they can display a certain temperament.Male leads can choose a small -sized sexy underwear that suits you, which can increase your body proportion and show your best figure.

8. Other considerations

To buy sexy underwear, it is also necessary to consider elements such as texture and accessories such as ribbons.These small details make sexy underwear more fashionable and creative.The male lead can introduce different designs to the female lead from the perspective of wire, and see which choices are most suitable for the female lead.

Viewpoint: Choosing the right sexy underwear is a way to express itself positively, and it is also a way to increase sexual interest and enhance better emotion.Especially when the male lead chooses the right sexy underwear for the heroine, it can not only make the female lead feel warm, but also make the male lead more confident and sexy.

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