The main country exported to sex underwear

The main country exported to sex underwear

1. The United States

The United States is one of the world’s largest underwear markets and one of the main destinations of erotic underwear exports.The US market appreciates colorful and irritating sexy underwear.Therefore, sexy underwear from China, Southeast Asia and other regions is very popular in the US market.

2. France

France is known as the capital of global underwear. Cammen Taoer, France, is the central area of European underwear manufacturing.The sales of sexy underwear in the French market are also very popular. Sexy and elegant styles are most liked by young French women.

3. Japan

Japan is one of the countries with a lot of sex underwear in the world. There are many directions in the design style of sexy underwear. There are some very cute ones.Young people like it.

4. Italy

Italy is a country with a long history and culture. It has a wealth of sexy underwear culture. Many famous sexy underwear companies such as La Perla and Intimissimi come from Italy.Italian sexy underwear has a variety of styles, mainly luxury and sexy.

5. Germany

Germany is one of the European economic powers and one of the main countries that exported sex underwear.Germany likes simple, practical, comfortable, and high -quality underwear, including sexy underwear.In Germany, sexy erotic underwear is particularly welcomed by young women.

6. Britain

Britain is a country with a long history and cultural heritage, and one of the world’s main interesting underwear exports.British sex lingerie is mainly creative and artistic, including design of lace lace.British sexy underwear reminds people romantic, luxurious and elegant.

7. Canada

Canada is the second largest country in North America and the main production and exporter of sexy underwear.Canada’s sexy underwear design pays more attention to comfort and practicality, so that daily wear is dominated, and at the same time, there are no sexy styles.

8. China

China is one of the largest sexy underwear producers in the world. China’s sexy underwear products are mainly exported to developed countries such as Europe and the United States. The design pays more attention to creativity. It emphasizes fashion personality, diversification and freedom.

9. Australia

Australia’s underwear market is relatively small compared to other countries, but sex underwear is very popular.Australia’s sexy underwear is mostly simple and sexy style, focusing on rich colors and textures.

10. Brazil

Brazil is one of the sex lingerie manufacturing centers. Brazil’s sexy underwear has a wide range of influence in South America and worldwide. Brazil’s sexy underwear is a symbol of reflecting a unique style and fashion trend.Brazil’s sexy lingerie has a variety of styles, with bold and avant -garde design, as well as traditional and classic styles.

in conclusion:

The above are the countries that are the main exports of sexy underwear in the world. The sexy underwear market and consumer groups of each country also have their own characteristics, but they all emphasize the comfort and confidence of wearing.The sexy underwear market is constantly developing. More and more people realize that sexy underwear is not only synonymous with sexy and exciting, but also the internal symbol that reflects its charm and personality.

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