The latest and daring sexy underwear show

Open chest

Putting on the chest is a sexy underwear, the chest can be exposed, and the visual effect is very good.Some designs of opening the chest also have details, such as comfortable polishing edges and transparent mesh fabrics, which enhance the visual effects and make people more difficult to resist.This underwear style is very suitable for nightclubs, couple hotels or other occasions.

Catwoman clothing

Cat and women’s clothing refers to transforming people into cute cat women Jiaowa, with a popular and fashionable feeling.This underwear is usually equipped with a micro -pink blouse, underwear or sexy feet.Some women like to wear this underwear to put Pose or take pictures in the room.In addition, some cats and women are paired with tails and hoods. The taste of the cat rises immediately, and it can become a cat image. It feels very magical.

Lace conjunction

Lei Lace is a beautiful, sexy underwear.It has gorgeous lace and corresponding suspenders.Internal underwear can be worn on the body like underwear.This combined underwear can not resist the charm of women.It is more suitable for using romantic evenings, dating or practical massage, which can make you a very sexy and charming woman.

Belly pista underwear

Beltic underwear is another type of sexy underwear.The bellyband underwear is usually wrapped in two small striped stripes, which can display women’s waist and abdomen lines well.Use rich colors and embroidery to make this underwear more attractive.At the same time, bellyband underwear is also a good choice. It can be used for romantic dinner and even snacks at home, so that your partner can fully feel your charm.


Semi -transparent outfit is an exotic underwear.This underwear is often made of translucent fabrics and lace materials, giving people a sense of mystery, which is very suitable for enthusiastic parties, weddings and night dating.The style and design of the semi -transparent dress are very diverse, including elements such as lace, bow, inlaid and hook nails, so that you can easily create impeccable fashion styles.

Transparent stockings set

The transparent stockings suit is a sexy underwear, which is usually made of fibrous materials or telescopic silk fabrics.The transparent stockings and the underwear that matches it constitutes a tight suit, making your body line more obvious.The finished products include short -sleeved, long -sleeved, sleeveless, briefs and other styles.The color of the transparent stocking set is also very diverse, which may be elegant red, melancholy black or other colors.This underwear is very suitable to wear party party or three people at night.

Mesh underwear

Netdo underwear is a fashionable and trendy underwear, usually with a light texture and comfort.The underwear is made of completely transparent mesh, and of course there are some color choices.When you rest, you can feel very comfortable in wearing net gauze underwear.When you enter a hotel, dating or having sex, you will give your partner a lot of surprises.

Fully transparent

Full transparent underwear is one of the sexy and full lingerie.When you wear a full transparent underwear cover, whether you wear underwear, pants or shawls, you can feel your body lines in a relaxed and comfortable state.Compared with other sexy underwear, full transparency is the most controversial.Wearing this underwear in romantic, friction and narcissism will give you a lot of pleasure for you and your partner.

Sleeveless pajamas

Sleeveless pajamas are a relaxed underwear.It is usually made of shiny fabrics, mainly Western style.Sleeveless pajamas are elegant, feminine, smooth, and unrestrained underwear.You can wear this underwear freely at home and feel a comfortable feeling. You can talk about it, watch the movie, or sit in the bathtub to relax, and enjoy the good time at the moment.

Velvet jacket

Velvet underwear is a noble underwear that often combines the fluff with silk and lace.This complicated combination creates a smooth texture, very soft and quiet, and allows you to maintain a romantic and soft beauty.Swanting underwear is suitable for wearing home, especially in winter. At this warm moment, you will find that your body and mind are pure, warm and protected.


In short, sexy underwear is a very sexy and tempting underwear.They have a variety of styles and applications. Whenever they are, they can bring the ultimate visual experience, thereby promoting the desire of sex.Each underwear has different uses and use occasions to properly wear them, which will definitely bring you good memories.I hope that this article can help you understand the love of the affection and choose the style that suits you.

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