The hottest sex lingerie store brand


Interest underwear is an important part of the development of sexual culture today.More and more people have begun to pay attention to sexy products, and the brand of sex lingerie stores has begun to increase.But of many brands, which brands are the most popular and most worthy of our attention?This article will introduce the hottest sexy underworld brand currently selling, helping everyone understand the latest developments in this field.

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, as a well -known sexy underwear brand in the United States, has a certain reputation.Their clothing series covers swimsuits, underwear and pajamas, and has more than 1,000 physical stores worldwide.Behind Victoria’s Secret is a powerful company, and the products they launched can always meet the high -quality needs of customers.

2. Avon

As a multinational brand, Avon has always been a representative of women’s beauty and confidence.In the Chinese market, Avon’s products are richer, in addition to underwear, there are other products such as skin care products.In recent years, Avon has been committed to exploring sexy and sexy underwear, and has launched a variety of sexy underwear series, which is favored by female consumers.


LOVEJOY is a relatively new sexy underwear brand, but it has accelerated its development with its high -quality products and professional services.LOVEJOY’s underwear is made of high -quality materials. It has a novel style, rich colors, full of irritation, and is loved by sexual supplies enthusiasts.

4. Lolita

Lolita is a very suitable brand for love, sexy and mature women.In the sexy underwear market, Lolita has always attracted consumers with its attractive, sexy, unique and fashionable brand image.Whether it is design or quality, Lolita never compromises, bringing extraordinary experience to consumers.


The purpose of SESOUL is to provide women with more attention to themselves, like themselves, and show their opportunities.Their underwear design is unique, based on highlighting the beauty of women’s bodies as the starting point, combining sexy, stable, romantic and elegant.


ELLE has always been known as the representative of the world’s fashion brands. Its excellent design and cultural connotation is impressive and has become a fashion vane.At the same time, ELLE’s sexy underwear is also popular. Its unique and bold style brings unlimited sexy and confidence to women.


Joxymerry advocates a natural, healthy, and comfortable lifestyle. Their underwear is not only a sexy clothing, but also a care for the skin.The application of new materials makes underwear have various functions such as breathability, preventing allergies and bacteriostatic, and becoming a perfect combination of health and sexy.


AURO is a French underwear brand. Its design style is luxurious and full of exotic style, making people linger.Auro has launched many high -quality products in the sexy underwear market. With its unique design, soft fabrics, superb craftsmanship and impeccable quality, it has become one of the most popular brands in the market.


Torrid is a brand that provides sexy underwear for large size women.Their underwear not only has extremely high comfort, but also creates a confident and sexy image for women.There are many types of underwear products of Torrid, covering a variety of styles and designs, which have become the favorite of large -scale women.


COQUETTE is a Canadian brand, which was founded in 1979 to provide high -quality, sexy and unique sexy underwear.Coquette continues to launch new styles and designs. The biggest feature of their underwear is lace and tulle, making women feel very sexy and feminine.

in conclusion

Whether it is Victoria’s secrets or Auro in France, it has become a leading brand in the global sexy underwear market.Moreover, today’s sexy underwear market is no longer a single sexual function, and more and more brands have begun to pay attention to the cultivation and transmission of cultural connotation, and gradually improve the interesting supplies to the level of art.We believe that the future sex underwear market will become more diverse, expand to more fields, and bring a wider field of vision to people.

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