The disadvantage of selling sexy underwear

The disadvantage of selling sexy underwear

Interest underwear has been sought after by consumers because of its sexy and teasing characteristics, and has become a mainstream product in sex products.However, from the perspective of merchants, selling sexy underwear is not an easy task.The following is a few disadvantages of selling fun underwear. I hope to provide some references and help to merchants selling sexy underwear.

1. Legal risk

Because sexy underwear is special in nature, its sales involve problems in terms of sex, morality and other aspects, which also means that businesses need to understand relevant legal risks.Once the merchant has related problems when selling sexy underwear, it will definitely face a lot of legal risks.Therefore, merchants need to understand and comply with relevant laws and regulations before sales to avoid any problems.

2. Not easy to advertise

Because society has always been more conservative for sex, many sexy underwear brands have been limited in advertising.Different from the advertising channels of other brands, many sexy underwear brands are often expanded on the Internet or the display area of sex shops. This limits the channels for the launching of sexy underwear and is not conducive to brand promotion.

3. Different customer needs

Buyers’ demand for sexy underwear is very personal.Some people like sexy underwear, some people like more exposed styles, and some people like some more literary and tender styles.And merchants need to spend more time and energy to understand the requirements and preferences of consumer groups, and effectively adjust and improve the equipment to meet the needs of different consumers.

Fourth, high product quality requirements

The quality of sex underwear is higher than other ordinary underwear, because they need to provide customers with better comfort. At the same time, their appearance and texture also requires more sexy and teasing elements.Therefore, merchants need to pay more attention to product quality and design to ensure enhanced customers’ high -quality use experience.

Five, high price

Interest underwear is generally higher than ordinary underwear, which means that while merchants need to drain a certain amount of capital to ensure quality assurance, they also need to be reasonably located.Merchants should clarify their customer groups, make reasonable pricing according to market demand, and introduce preferential policies, promotions and other means to attract consumers to buy.

6. Test after -sales service test

Interest underwear is a relatively private product. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, they may contact the merchant as soon as possible and ask for a refund.At this time, merchants need to provide professional and efficient after -sales service, which can not only meet the requirements of customers, but also ensure the customer’s experience and avoid loopholes.

7. Inventory inventory risk

The shelf life of sexy underwear products is shortened, and the demand for market consumer groups is relatively decentralized. Merchants can predict inaccurate inventory and inventory may still be unable to solve it well. If it is not treated in time, it will cause unnecessary inventory waste and capital wasteEssence

8. Fierce competition

Because sexy underwear is a relatively cutting -edge product, there are many sexy underwear brands in the market, and the competition is extremely fierce.If the merchants focus on product development and publicity, rather than focusing on details and the quality of quality and service, they will be crumbling.


The risk and disadvantages of selling sexy underwear are inevitable, but the use of wisdom, professional knowledge, and high -quality after -sales service is the development direction of selling sexy underwear.Faced with unprecedented market competition, merchants need to strengthen self -cultivation and service awareness, improve their own quality and maintain an open mindset and excellent behavior to win the favor and trust of customers.

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