The difference between sexy underwear men and female models


There are some obvious differences between sexy underwear men’s models and female models.Although both need good physical conditions and good appearance, they have differences in body, body, and clothing selection.In this article, we will explore these differences.


First of all, the difference between the figure and female model of sexy underwear is very significant.For male models, the burly body is the most important. It is necessary to maintain exercise to make the body more slender and maintain the perfect display of muscle lines.The female model needs a slim figure, soft lines, and at the same time requires beautiful curves, highlighting the elegant figure.This means that the two body display needs to be extremely different.


Secondly, in terms of physical display, male models are different from female models.Male models need a burly and resolute appearance to make people feel his strength and masculine beauty.At the same time, the movement of male models needs to be more powerful and imposing, which can highlight his toughness.The female model needs to show the elegant and graceful temperament, the gentle, charming, and sexy style makes people feel fascinating.Therefore, there are great differences in the body.

Choice for clothing

Sexy underwear men’s models and female models are also different in clothing selection.The sexy lingerie of the female model is more diverse and colorful, including lace, mesh, transparent, hollowed out, etc., with exquisite shapes and bright colors, which is very suitable for women’s bodies.The sexy underwear of male models is usually black, white or red. In the metal texture, it presents a tough and cool temperament, but it is completely different from women in appearance.


Placing is one of the important actions for sexy underwear models. At this time, male models and female models are different.Women need to show charming and sexy, so the position is usually a state of soft and rigid. When walking, the rhythm is more rhythmic, which can highlight the tenderness of women.Men need to show a tough and masculine temperament. When walking, the pace must be stable and powerful, and the arms must be vigorously danced back and forth to show their strength and masculinity.


In the performance of sexy underwear models, props are also a very important part.Male models usually use some powerful props, such as chains, leather whip, etc. These props have a tough atmosphere that is consistent with their appearance, which can make them more highlighting the beauty of masculinity.The female model needs some soft props, such as feathers, pneuma fans, etc. These props emphasize women’s charm and sexy, reflecting their tenderness and elegance.

make up

Sexy underwear model makeup is also crucial for shaping the character image.Male models usually do not need to make up, they only need simple hairstyles, skin tones, and tough atmosphere.The makeup of the female model needs to be more delicate, dark eye shadow, lip gloss, etc., which can highlight the tenderness and sexy of women.

Performing skills

The performance skills of sexy underwear models are also crucial to expressing the charm and temperament of sexy underwear.Male models need to show gorgeous action skills and amazing power, and show the various actions of sexy underwear to the fullest.Female models need some softer performance skills, such as the performance of the eyes, the subtle swing of the body, and various gestures, which can highlight the graceful beauty of women.

Stage shape

The stage shape of sexy underwear model is also essential for expression.Male models usually do not need too many stage shapes. You only need to show the masculine beauty of men through clothing and props.The female model needs some complex stage shapes, such as jewelry, gorgeous headdress, etc., which can reflect the beauty of women.


Through this article, we understand the difference between the men’s model and the female model.They are different in terms of body, body, clothing selection, positioning, props use, makeup, performance skills, and stage shapes.These differences can more highlight the charm of gender characteristics and sexy underwear, and also add a style and charm to the performance of sexy underwear models.

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