The brand selling plastic sexy underwear in the United States

The brand selling plastic sexy underwear in the United States

The development of sexy underwear is no longer a new thing. However, as people’s demand for sexual life increases, different types of sexy underwear has become one of people’s choices.In the United States, the sexy underwear of plastic materials has been favored by many people.Let ’s explore the brand of selling plastic sexy underwear in the United States.

Brief introduction

There are many brands selling plastic sexy underwear in the United States. One of the most famous and popular brands is "Leg Avenue".Founded in 1984, this brand is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It mainly specializes in various types of sexy underwear, affiliated clothing and other handmade sewing clothing.Leg Avenue adheres to the concept of "anyone can wear sexy", providing large size, economic affordable and high -quality sexy underwear, which is loved by the majority of couples and singles.


There are many styles of plastic erotic underwear, and Leg Avenue is more distinctive in design, including bikini skirts, bikini tops, dresses, suspenders, tights, sports shorts, shark skirts, band skirts and camisole breast chest breastsClothing and so on.In addition to black, Leg Avenue also offers a variety of colors such as purple, green and pink.


The quality of plastic erotic underwear has attracted much attention.Leg Avenue uses special plastic manufacturing technology, making the quality of these sexy underwear is very good, it is also comfortable to wear, and the material will not cause discomfort to the skin.Leg Avenue’s sexy underwear uses high -quality plastics, such as PVC, PU, etc. These materials have good telescope and can better show their figure.


Compared with his interesting underwear brands, the price of Leg Avenue is very affordable.Whether it is a bikini skirt or a variety of plastic sexy lingerie styles such as tights, the price ranges from 40 to 100 US dollars.For those who have tried plastic and fun underwear for the first time, this price is very suitable.

For people

Leg Avenue’s plastic sexy underwear is suitable for people of different ages, different body types, different gender, and different sexual orientation.These sexy underwear is very sexy and irritating, and can bring more fun to everyone’s sexual life.Especially for those who want to enhance interest, irritation, and increase change, it is a very suitable choice.


Plastic sexy underwear is smooth, soft, delicate, and shiny. At the same time, they will not cause allergic reactions, relax and breathable texture, and cool and comfortable.However, they may cause adverse reactions to skin with allergic reactions, so skin testing should be performed before use.

cleaning method

Plastic sexy underwear requires special cleaning methods.LEG Avenue recommends put underwear in warm water and cleaning solution, and use a soft brush to clean the surface.However, to make sure not to damage the appearance of these sexy underwear, it is recommended to use a special cleaner.


Compared with his sexy underwear materials, plastic sex lingerie has several advantages.The first is that the appearance is very unusual, and it can show the luster that other materials do not have.The second is its texture and toughness, which can better show figure.The third is that the price is relatively low and the quality is also very good.


However, compared with his sexy underwear materials, plastic sex lingerie also has some disadvantages.First of all, for people with allergic skin, wearing may cause rash and itching.Secondly, plastic sexy underwear is generally difficult to wear, and it is not advisable to wear it for a long time.

in conclusion

Overall, LEG Avenue, a brand of plastic sexy underwear in the United States, is a very reliable choice.These plastic underwear is of good quality and affordable price, and is suitable for many people.If you are looking for plastic sexy underwear, you can choose Leg Avenue to ensure that you can get satisfactory use effects.

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