That kind of erotic underwear is best

That kind of erotic underwear is best

Sex underwear has become an indispensable part of every female wardrobe. They can not only improve women’s self -confidence, but also make women look more sexy.But what kind of sexy underwear is best?This article will answer this question in several aspects.

1. European and American lace

European and American lace sexy underwear can be said to be a more popular type. It is made of lace and beautiful lace, which looks very soft and moving.At the same time, European and American -style lace sexy underwear is often black as the main color. This color makes people feel more mysterious and attractive.

2. Laughing sexy underwear

The luminous sexy underwear is relatively new. It uses special materials to make it, which can emit a faint light in the dark.This sexy underwear at night or in a dim occasion will make people’s eyes shine, and it is also a very eye -catching sexy underwear.

3. Hollow sexy underwear

The design of the hollowed sexy underwear is very unique, showing the curve of the female body through a hollow design.The characteristic of this sexy underwear is that it allows women’s skin and body to reveal a mysterious temperament, which can also make women more sexy and charming.

4. Toy -style sexy underwear

Toy -style sexy underwear is a relatively new design, which combines sexy underwear and toys together.Toy -style erotic underwear enhances the interaction of sexy underwear by adding various toys to the underwear. Such a design allows women to experience some novel feelings while wearing sexy underwear.

5. Metal sexy underwear

The design of metal sexy underwear is very clear, making it made by metal materials.Metal erotic underwear usually gives people a rough feeling, and also shows the boldness and capacity of women.

6. High -waist sexy underwear

High -waisted erotic underwear is a relatively classic design, which is characterized by it that it can modify women’s waistline.High -waisted sexy underwear usually uses soft materials such as lace or silk, and it can also make women look more slender and beautiful.

7. Ribbon -style sexy underwear

The design of shoulder straps sexy underwear is more personalized, and it highlights the sexy of women through the design of the strap.The design of shoulder strap -style sexy underwear can make women more easily wearing sexy underwear.

8. Push cup -style sexy underwear

The focus of push cup -style sexy underwear is to shape the cup on the chest.Pushing cup -style sexy underwear can make women’s chests look more upright and stylish. This design can make women’s figures more graceful and charming.


Whether it is European and American -style lace, luminous underwear, hollowed sexy underwear or high -waist, shoulder straps, metal sexy underwear, etc., they all have their own unique charm.Therefore, choosing the best question of the sexy underwear is a variety of answers. The key is to choose one that you like and appropriate.

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