Temptation of costumes sexy underwear photo

Costume temptation

In ancient China, sexy underwear was very common in clothes, and now it has become a private item full of temptations in modern women.But what will happen if you combine them?This article will present you "costume and seductive sexy underwear photo", hoping to bring you an unusual visual feast.

Gorgeous Tang Dynasty

Tang suit is the representative of ancient Chinese style. Its unique design, gorgeous embroidery, and bright colors often win people’s admiration. Combined with erotic underwear, the effect is even more amazing.For example, the red cheongsam with black lace sexy underwear perfectly shows women’s charm and sexy.

Beautiful and dignified Hanfu

Hanfu is a traditional costume of the Han nationality. In ancient times, it represented an elegant and dignified image. With the combination of luxurious fabrics such as scratching flowers, Yunjin, and Xia Luo, Hanfu had a more unique charm.However, if it can be combined with soft erotic underwear, it will make people unexpectedly encounter a beautiful impact.

Fresh and agile leaky shoulders

The leaky shoulder is a very popular costume now, which exudes a youthful and beautiful atmosphere.If you wear a white leaky shoulder dress with purple sexy underwear, it will not only highlight the personal temperament, but also better show the charm of women.

Elegant and soft cheongsam

Cheongsam is a classic in Chinese women’s clothing. It has a very humane design. It is not only loved by women, but also is popular with foreigners.After matching sex underwear, it can show the elegance and softness of women.

Charming and noble robe dressing

The dressing of the robe is a traditional costume of China. Its style is noble Murong, creating a high feeling.If it is combined with sexy sexy underwear, it can make people see that unusual Chinese sex underwear, and its effect is definitely unexpected.

The hazy and sexy lace blouse

As a sexy underwear, lace jersey often shows a hazy feeling. This feeling is also in line with the soft image of ancient China.If it is combined with costume, it is neither contradictory, but also inspires women to be more tempting and beautiful.

Elegant and enchanting camisole sleeping skirt

The suspender nightdress is a pajamas that is very suitable for summer. Its design is very elegant and naturally makes women more attractive. If it is matched with the same elegant costume, women will show enchanting charm.

Luxury and charming cheongsam night skirt

The cheongsam nighttime is a very special pajamas. They are usually made of high -quality fabrics and have a gorgeous and charming design. If you choose to match traditional Chinese accessories, the effect will be more feast.

Forty and moving anime underwear

Anime underwear originated from anime culture and has become a popular cultural symbol in Japan.They are usually the themes of cuteness and sex. If they are combined with costumes, they will definitely show a brand new beauty.

In short, in this article, we have seen the perfect effect of combining Chinese traditional culture with modern sexy underwear. This combination not only fully shows the charm of women, but also reflects the connotation of Chinese culture.For women who love beauty, you may wish to find a way of your own style from these combinations to show your beauty more perfect.

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