Taobao uncoded erotic underwear

Taobao uncoded erotic underwear

As a kind of sexy and interactive clothing, sexy underwear has been loved by many people.On Taobao, unclear sex underwear has become a popular search keyword. This article will introduce the truth of Taobao’s codeless sexy underwear.

1. What is an uncoded erotic underwear

Uncensored underwear refers to the naked sexual organs. It does not need to cooperate with other underwear or bands. It can achieve the effect of sexy and temptation directly. It is also known as "full armed".This underwear is usually sold only in sex shops and some sex products specialty stores, and some sellers on Taobao also start selling such products.

2. The price of Taobao unlicensed sex lingerie

The price of uncoded erotic underwear on Taobao is not very high, usually ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, while the price of sexual goods stores is more expensive.Consumers need to pay attention to inferior products or counterfeit products when buying unclear sex underwear.

3. How to distinguish about the authenticity of Taobao without code erotic lingerie

Due to the high degree of nakedness of unprecedented lingerie, some bad merchants may add mosaic modifications to the pictures sold to deceive consumers.Therefore, it is best to contact the seller to ask for more physical maps before buying, and check the details such as fiber and embroidery.In addition, when choosing a product, it is best to choose a higher reputation seller and check the evaluation of other consumers.

4. Taobao’s codeless sexy underwear material

The real uncoded erotic underwear material should be soft and comfortable. The cushion of milk stickers or cups should be healthy and hygienic licenses. Materials that should not be used for secondary processing or recycling should be used.When buying, you must read the product ingredients carefully and choose the material that suits you.

5. Common problems of Taobao’s codeless sexy underwear

Many consumers have doubts: Is it safe to wear without code sex underwear?Will we have a sense of discomfort?In fact, when buying unclean underwear, you need to pay attention to the material problems mentioned above.Furthermore, because the intention of wearing a sexy underwear is interactive and sexy, the comfort of the comfort may affect the effect of wearing.Therefore, if consumers are worried that wearing unclear sexy underwear is uncomfortable, consider buying other types of sexy underwear.

6. How to wear non -code erotic underwear

Before wearing a non -code erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to hygiene issues. It is recommended to disinfect before wearing.At the same time, the wearing of uncodic underwear requires corresponding professional suggestions. If consumers need to consult a merchant or related forum.

7. Taobao’s codeless sexy underwear maintenance

Maintaining a good code -free erotic underwear is the key to make it longer.After wearing, it needs to be cleaned and maintained in order to wear or sell again next time.Do not use a washing machine. When washing at hand, use a professional cleaner and keep it in a cool and ventilated place.

8. The personality and fun of the uncoded erotic underwear

Undercoded lingerie, as a body display method, more reflects personality and interest.From different styles and materials, we can see a person’s sexy, temperament and sexual interest.Therefore, when buying unclear sex underwear, pay attention to your personality and taste.

in conclusion:

In short, the uncoded erotic underwear on Taobao needs to pay attention to the problem of the seller’s credibility and authenticity of the product before buying. When wearing and maintenance, you need to pay attention to relevant professional knowledge and personal hygiene.And pay attention to your personality and taste.Only in this way can consumers experience the sexy and interactive effects brought by the uncle’s erotic underwear.

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