Taobao shop fun underwear comment

1 Introduction

Taobao is an e -commerce platform with millions of shops, including shops selling sexy underwear.Before buying sexy underwear, many consumers will go to the shop’s comments and scores.However, as we all know, the problems of false reviews and scores on Taobao often occur.So, what should Taobao shop’s sexy underwear commented?Next, we will analyze this.

2. Number of comments

First of all, the number of comments in the sex of the shop is a reference factor, but it is not necessarily the decisive factor.If there are thousands of comments in the sales of a shop in sex underwear, and the score is high, it means that the shop is well operated.However, this does not mean that every comment is true and credible.Therefore, we need more information to make judgments.

3. Scoring situation

Rating is another reference factor.Please note: If a shop has 5 stars, it is not necessarily the best.Sometimes, the seller thinks that 4 stars or even 3 stars are good scores.This is because the design of the Taobao scoring system is a bit unique: the score of each shop is calculated by all evaluations.Sellers can use their sales to offset some bad evaluations, and they can also respond to customers in the evaluation reply to improve their negative evaluations.Therefore, Taobao’s scoring system is actually a very complicated system, not a simple percentage number.Therefore, when referring to the rating of Taobao stores, we need more information to make judgments, rather than just refer to the score.

4. Comment content

The content of the comment is one of the most important factors we judge whether a shop is worth buying.We should read each comment carefully, especially to buy comments from customers with the same color and size.These comments usually tell you information about the size, quality, material and comfort of sexy underwear.However, it should be noted that the comments and scores of Taobao shop’s fun underwear may be false.Therefore, after reading the comments carefully, we still need to conduct more investigations.

5. Comment time

The time of comment is also one of the reference factors.If the number of comments in a shop is small, but a long time, then generally, this is a reliable reference factor.Because it is difficult for merchants to forge a comment a year or two, we can often judge the reliability of the shop based on the time of the comments.

6. Map comments

There is a type of comment known as the "sun map", that is, customers upload their own real erotic underwear photos in the comments.We can see the real quality of sexy underwear from these pictures, not just through some descriptions.In fact, this is a very good reference factor, because the pictures will not lie, but here you need to pay attention to Taobao’s cat greasy.Sometimes, the store will provide a copyright picture of the product. It is recommended to pay attention to identifying the source of the picture.

7. After -sales service

After -sales service is one of the important factors to measure store reliability.We can check the response of customers in the after -sales problems and how the merchants solve the problem when they encounter a after -sales problem.If the after -sales service of a shop is not good, then even if its sexy underwear is good, we must think twice.

8. Survey of multi -party sources

Finally, we recommend conducting multiple investigations.This includes viewing other e -commerce platforms, consulting other buyers, and even consulting sex underwear manufacturers.This information may be messy, but through multiple comparisons, we can make more accurate judgments.

in conclusion

In short, in order to buy and reliable sexy underwear on Taobao, we need to carefully consider many reference factors and investigate from various aspects.Shortcuts are not recommended because it may cause us to buy sexy underwear with poor quality or flaws.

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