Taobao sex underwear irregular pictures

Foreword: market and needs of sexy underwear

With the opening of society and the opening of sexual concepts, sex products have gradually become one of the very important parts of the market.Among them, the demand for sex underwear has always been high, especially the women’s market.In the online store, Taobao is undoubtedly the most popular one.However, in recent years, irregular sexy underwear pictures have caused people to question Taobao.

Irregular picture background

The irregular erotic underwear pictures mainly refer to pictures types such as vulgarity, exposure, and excessive sexy.This type of picture will not only cause inspections of relevant departments, but also affect the consumer experience of some consumers.According to reports, some Taobao shops were shut down because they posted irregular pictures at the beginning of this year.

Taobao should strengthen management

Taobao should strengthen efforts in platform management and warn or directly seal the store to the stores that publish irregularities.This behavior is not only the protection of the market, but also the maintenance of consumer rights.

Types of sexy underwear pictures

Several types of sexy underwear pictures can be divided into several types: daily wear, sexy temptation type, SM tuning type, sex toy auxiliary type, etc.These types of sexy underwear should be classified according to different types, and the corresponding stores should also conduct relevant censorship.

Photo review and standards

The Taobao platform should formulate relevant audit standards and screen sexy underwear pictures.During the review process, the size, clarity, etc. of the picture should be required.In particular, the details of the attention of some women’s markets, such as style design and fabric sense, must be reviewed.

Sexual feelings of fun underwear pictures compliance

The compliance of sexy underwear pictures may be a relatively difficult problem.In the actual operation, the Taobao platform should learn from the relevant laws and regulations of other countries and refer to the treatment of foreign stores.By gradually improved, the Taobao platform can push sexual erotic underwear pictures in the direction of compliance.

Consumers’ equity should be guaranteed

For some consumers who are keen to buy sexy underwear, they want to get real excellent products.Therefore, Taobao’s platform promises to implement it and manage all the sexy underwear shops as an equal individual.In this way, consumers can feel at ease, assured, and ensure their purchase experience.


Taobao should continue to strengthen the management of erotic underwear pictures, cut in from the market conditions of adult products, maintain the review and rectification of relevant laws and regulations on this industry, and promote the market to develop in a more regulatory, more standardized and legal direction.At the same time, for the unique format of sexy underwear pictures, the platform can also perform some special management and management to meet the needs of different consumers.

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