Taobao sex lingerie shop can’t comment on the picture


In recent years, with the development of the sexy underwear market, more and more people have begun to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.However, many consumers have recently reported that pictures of products that cannot comment after purchasing some sexy underwear shops are quite puzzling.

The problems caused by the store

Some sexy underwear shops clearly specify that pictures cannot be reviewed in their stores. This is to protect the rights and interests of the store and the quality of the product.However, such regulations also bring some inconvenience to consumers, and cannot understand the purchase experience of other consumers in time and decide whether to buy the product.

The importance of interactive communication

In the era of e -commerce, interaction between consumers and merchants has become very important.Through commenting pictures, consumers can share information such as their own experience, product quality evaluation, and this information can be used for other consumers’ reference.Without such interactive communication, consumers’ purchase experience will be greatly reduced.

The problem of protecting the rights and interests of merchants

Interest underwear is a very private product. Merchants need to protect their rights and interests and consumers’ privacy.If consumers expose their privacy information when commenting on pictures, this is a risk for merchants.Therefore, there is a contradiction between the protection of merchants’ rights and interests and the privacy of consumers, and it is difficult to make both beauty.

How to solve the problem?

In response to this issue, we can make the following suggestions:

Suggesty 1: Merchants and consumers conduct more communication

Merchants can communicate more with consumers through private messages on the platform, and consumers can express their evaluation without exposing privacy information.This can not only protect the rights and interests of the merchant, but also understand the consumer’s experience in a timely manner.

Suggestion 2: Merchant selection evaluation staff

Merchants can choose some evaluation staff, provide them with products, and let them share their feelings.This can not only facilitate merchants to understand the advantages and disadvantages of products, but also allow consumers to see the evaluation of others and improve the purchase experience.

Suggestion 3: Comment pictures Applying privacy information

Merchants can require consumers to apply their own privacy information during commenting pictures, such as face, ID number, etc.This can not only protect the privacy of consumers, but also allow other consumers to see the real situation of the product and improve the purchase experience.

Suggestion 4: Taobao platform better management

The Taobao platform can strengthen the management of sexy underwear stores, warn and punish shops that do not meet the requirements, and provide consumers with a fair and transparent purchase environment.

in conclusion

Under the premise of protecting the rights and interests of merchants and consumer privacy, the platform and merchants need to communicate and interact with consumers more, so that consumers’ evaluation can exert greater value.After all, only to meet the needs of consumers can promote the healthy development of the sexy underwear market.

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