Taobao sex lingerie flat model price

Taobao sex lingerie flat model price


In Taobao shopping, many sexy underwear sellers choose to use flat models to show their products.The photos of print models allow customers to better see the style and texture of the underwear, so as to make a purchase decision, and the price of the plane models on Taobao is also different.

Price factor

The price factors of graphic models mainly include the number of photos, shooting venues, makeup artists, clothing shapes, model experience, etc.When choosing a plane model, the seller needs to comprehensively consider these factors and choose suitable models according to their needs.

Plane model price range

The price of plane models on Taobao is generally between hundreds and thousands of yuan.The specific price will be different according to the needs of the seller and the conditions of the model.

Number of plane model photos

The price of print models is usually different from the number of photos.Generally speaking, the more photos taken, the higher the price of the model.

Model experience

Model experience is also an important factor affecting price.Experienced models can control their expressions and postures when shooting, and provide more inspiration and creativity.Therefore, experienced models are often higher than novice models.

Shooting venue and equipment

Choosing the price of shooting venues and equipment is also one of the factors that affect the price of plane models.High -quality shooting venues and advanced shooting equipment will make the price higher.

Makeup artist and clothing stylist

Many plane models need the help of makeup artists and clothing stylists when shooting.These professionals help models to show their best state by providing excellent makeup and clothing shapes, thereby increasing the sales of sellers.


When choosing a plane model, the seller should pay attention to the model’s shooting ability and work quality.At the same time, the seller also needs to carefully check whether the photos are clear and the quality is high to ensure the sales effect.

in conclusion

The price of Taobao sex underwear plane model is a complex topic, which is closely related to factors such as the number of photos, shooting venues, makeup artists, clothing styling, and model experience.Selers need to comprehensively consider these factors, so as to choose a model that suits them and increase sales.