Taobao sells sexy underwear uncoded

Taobao sells sexy underwear uncoded

Taobao sells sexy underwear uncoded

With the development of the Internet, more and more people have begun to choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.However, some salespersons will add unclear words to the title of sexy underwear, which makes people mistakenly think that it is obscene items.In order to avoid misleading consumers, this article will tell reader sellers not to add uncoded words when describing sexy underwear.

1. Taobao sellers mislead consumers

When searching for sexy underwear on Taobao, some sellers will add non -code words to the title. This title can easily make consumers mistakenly think that they buy passion supplies.This not only misleads consumers, but also violates the requirements of Taobao.

2. Sexy underwear is a legal product

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In fact, sexy underwear is a legally sold product, and they are designed to increase interest.Although some sexy underwear is more sexy in style, it does not mean that they are obscene items.

3. Use keywords illegal use of sellers

Sellers who add unclear eye not only mislead consumers, but also suspected of violating business and regulations such as the Restrictions and "Regulations on the Management of Internet Electronic Consultation Services", because the use of such keywords is neither in line with the actual situation, but also violates social public ethics.

4. Keyword classification should be accurate

When selling goods on Taobao, the seller needs to set keywords based on the real situation of the product and the product classification, and cannot be edited at will.For example, sexy underwear can add some sexy, European and American keywords, but cannot add keywords such as obscene and uncoded.

5. To increase sales, you need to start from the actual situation

In order to allow their products to get more attention and purchase on Taobao, sellers should not start from fictional and misleading consumers.On the contrary, sellers can start from the actual quality and style of the product to attract more consumer attention and purchase.

6. Fresh sexy underwear knowledge

In order to allow consumers to better geographically solve the product characteristics and cultural connotation of sexy underwear, sellers can add some sexy lingerie knowledge to the product description, such as style introduction, accessories description, matching suggestions, etc.


7. Emphasize the legitimacy of the product

When the seller introduces sexy underwear to consumers, it can emphasize the legitimacy of sexy underwear and tell consumers that sexy underwear is not obscene items, but designed to increase life interest.

8. Accurately describe the product

When describing sexy underwear, the seller must accurately describe the product’s style, color, size and other information to allow consumers to understand the real situation of love underwear and avoid delaying sales due to misunderstandings.

Viewpoint: In order to avoid misleading consumers, Taobao sellers should not add the words and other words when they describe sex underwear, but describe it from the actual situation of the product.This can not only comply with the requirements of Taobao, but also better protect consumers’ rights and interests, and increase the legality and stability of sales.