Taobao female shop owner shoots Fengsao Intellectual underwear

Taobao female shopkeeper who shoots and sexy underwear

On Taobao, many female shop owners focus on selling sexy underwear.One of them has attracted particular attention. The photos of her coquettish sexy underwear shocked many people.

Background introduction

The name of this female shopkeeper is small.She opened a sexy underwear shop on Taobao, which named "Little Temptation".According to her, she is a professional photographer engaged in the photography industry, and she usually has a neutral shooting style.

Photography style

However, when taking photos of sexy underwear, her style became very coquettish.In her photos, the clothes have a variety of styles and a variety of tricks, making people shine.

Shooting skills

There are many very special shooting techniques for small sexy underwear photos.For example, she will apply a little oil on the model to make the photos look brighter.In addition, she will use the mirror to create some very unique composition.

Model selection

The models in the small sex lingerie photos are also very attractive.Most of her models have tall figures and sexy curves, and they are extremely embarrassing after wearing sexy underwear.

Photo style and sales situation

The small coquettish photos not only attracted the attention of many people, but also helped her sales.Her shop once ranked first in the selling list of Taobao sex underwear industry in a certain period.

Social response

Little sexy underwear photos also caused some controversy.Some people think that such photos do not meet social moral standards and should not be displayed publicly on the Internet.However, more people believe that these photos do not violate any laws and regulations, and can also be appreciated as an art form.


In any case, small sexy underwear photos are an art form and a business means.Through her professional skills and creativity, she shoots sexy underwear very creative and artistic.And no matter what people’s attitudes to sexy underwear photos, they cannot deny that in their own way, they used their own way to shoot a very private thing into a very attractive artwork.

Look forward to the future

In the future, there is still a lot of room for development in the sexy underwear market.The photography skills displayed by Xiaoxiao will also become one of the benchmarks of sexy underwear photos.We look forward to the birth of more such coquettish photos, and we also look forward to the addition of more excellent sexy underwear designers and photographers.

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