Taobao buyer’s sexy underwear live show

1 Introduction

In recent years, with the popularity and consumption upgrade of sexy underwear, more and more people have begun to choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.However, for buyers, understanding the real sexy underwear is still a headache.At this time, buyers began to find some Taobao shops with live shows. The live models of these shops would wear underwear to display, providing buyers with a reference for buying.

2. Types of reality show

According to the type of display, the reality show of Taobao stores can be divided into two categories: photo reality shows and video reality shows.Photo reality show refers to the shop taking a few photos so that buyers have some understanding of the effect of underwear display.The video reality show is to record the whole process of wearing a sexy underwear.

3. The advantages of video reality show

Video reality shows can not only show the appearance and style of sexy underwear, but also show the true feelings of the wearer, more intuitive.When watching the live show, the buyer can understand the details of the material, fabric, breathability, and wearing comfort of the underwear, so that the buyer can buy it more assured.

4. The advantages of photo reality show

Photo reality shows are relatively convenient and can meet the needs of fast browsing.Buyers can carefully observe the style and details of the underwear in the photo, so as to quickly decide whether to buy.In addition, for buyers, the reality show also has a certain sense of expectations, which can evoke people’s desire to know and buy.

5. The disadvantage of reality show

Although the reality show provides a lot of convenience for buyers, it also has shortcomings.First of all, buyers cannot try to penetrate underwear directly. This cannot determine whether the underwear is suitable for themselves. Even if they buy underwear after borrowing a reality show, there may still be some discomfort when they are put on.In addition, the reality show of some Taobao shops is not ideal, and high -quality reality shows also require the store to invest time and money.This may make it difficult for some sellers to do a good job of reality.

6. How to choose a reality show

For buyers, it is particularly important to choose a reality show.First of all, you can judge the reliability of the store by browsing the evaluation and score of the store.Secondly, you can view photos or videos uploaded by other buyers to understand the real situation.Third, pay attention to the scale and reputation of the store, these are important reference factors to choose the store.Finally, you can also contact the store directly to understand more deeply through communication, so as to provide better guarantees for your purchase.

7. How to use reality show reasonably

For buyers, while understanding the true effect of affection underwear, there are some techniques and methods.For example, after watching the reality show, you can choose a similar type of underwear style to match it to further enhance your self -confidence.Of course, the most important thing is to know your figure characteristics and the need to wear feelings, so that you can quickly find the style of underwear that suits you.

8. Summary

The application of Taobao reality show gives more choices and convenience to buy sexy underwear, making consumers more assured and satisfactory.However, when choosing to use a reality show, buyers also need to consider and compare them to ensure that the effect of buying and use is more ideal.

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