Taiwan Permanent Funny Underwear Show 132


As a unique clothing, sexy underwear has been welcomed by female consumers in recent years.In Taiwan, a grand erotic underwear show is held every year, attracting the attention of many audiences.This year, the 132nd Taiwan permanent sexy underwear show came as scheduled. Let’s take a look at the highlights and unique features on the show.

Topic: The perfect combination of sexy and art

This permanent sexy underwear show is based on the theme of "the perfect combination of sexy and art", so that people can also feel the beauty of art while appreciating the beauty of the beauty showing sex underwear.All underwear design is made by well -known designers in Taiwan, and strives to create a perfect performance with artistic and sexy factors.

Gorgeous stage effect

At the scene of permanent erotic underwear show, the most impressive thing is the colorful stage effect.Giant LED screens, high -tech lighting and audio systems cooperate with each other to create a fantasy visual effect.In addition, the models of the models and sexy underwear were ignited throughout the scene.

Personalized design and style

In this permanent sexy underwear show, the designers no longer follow the traditional sexy underwear design, but began to make personalized attempts to create some unique works.Gorgeous embroidery, unique satin texture, exquisite lace lace … the use of these elements makes each set of sexy underwear exuding a unique atmosphere.

Diversified clothing style

Interest underwear is originally a changeable clothing, and in this show, the designers have perfectly fused different clothing styles.Personally tight underwear, elegant French sexy underwear, fresh Japanese sexy underwear … Different styles of style make the audience dazzling.

Diversified performance form

In this permanent sexy underwear show, the designers showed a variety of diversified performance forms.Some models dance with the dance music, some models show their sexy charm under the light, while others perform performances in some specially set scenes.These wonderful performances made the audience dazzling and enjoying it.

The warm atmosphere and cheers

At the scene of the permanent interest underwear show in Taiwan, each audience almost stared at the model with enthusiastic eyes and devoted themselves.Of course, the audience present also has a continuous cheers. It can be said that the models have given the models a huge motivation and self -confidence, making this permanent sex lingerie show even more exciting.

Supermodel, celebrities, fashion elites gather

For fans, being able to see the stars or fashion elites you like on the show underwear show is quite good.At this permanent sexy underwear show, there were a large number of highlights.Supermodels, celebrities, fashion elites … their arrival adds a lot to this sexy lingerie show.

International and professional organization arrangements

Compared to the past, this permanent sex underwear show looks more international and professional.Whether it is organizational arrangements, performance processes and model selection standards, it is carefully considered and planned.This professional operation method makes the effect of the entire permanent sex lingerie show more outstanding.


Although sexy underwear is a relatively special type of clothing, it is an increasingly popular culture, representing a beauty and artistic lifestyle.From this permanent erotic underwear show, we can see that the design and display of sexy underwear no longer just for "selling cute", but more attention to the connotation represented by sexy underwear.In the future, we look forward to the presentation of more "sexy+art" elements, making the culture of sex underwear more and more diversified and modern.

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